We help small businesses achieve better results with data driven strategies built for your brand and tailored to your team.


Our Approach

Like most marketing consultants, our focus is increasing your company’s revenue—we know what it takes to increase traffic and conversion on your site—our approach is different, and we think better, than any other brand building company.

The Dandelion Branding Difference.

Our work starts with the health of your team.

We study the ecosystem of your brand, identifying inefficiencies and optimizing workflow processes. We offer guidance designed for you and your team that allows your brand the opportunity to take on the endeavors that drive your business’ growth.

Empower your team; Supercharge your growth.

You could choose the traveled path and hire someone to give you an approach to your marketing that works right now, but when the market changes, you’ll have to pay for someone else to tell you how it works… again. See the cycle there?

What if your just team knew how to adapt to the ever-changing marketing environment?

Wouldn’t knowing that you have enough of the right people, in the right place, with the right processes for the growth and evolution of your company give you the piece of mind to focus on being the idea-maker in your company again?

We’ll help teach your team how to be the people that make ideas happen.

After our initial internal efficiency audit, we’ll offer your team workflow guidance, tailored  templates for streamlining processes for maximum workplace efficiency, app suggestions, and more. We’ll also identify where new positions could be feasible to add and what type of marketing best suits your team and your brand.

We’ll give you the framework and teach you the tools to build an effective marketing and conversion optimization strategy.

If we feel like it’s a good fit, we will offer your brand ongoing guidance for your ecommerce growth strategies and building your brand identity. We focus on testing and data to ensure project effectiveness, and offer ongoing data analysis to keep your strategies heading in the right direction.

Is your Team Efficient Enough?

The Dandelion Branding Story

We worked together for years in a small company, where we wore many hats. We gravitated to working together partially because we know how to get work done the right way and partially because we laugh our asses off while we do it.

Our giggling aside, we quickly became “the people that make the ideas happen.

We created efficient, start to finish processes that allow for the many twists and turns in the ecommerce world. We had a knack for problem solving on the fly, geeked out together over data trends (nerd alert).

Then one of us quit and started taking small business clients and during a 5-hour catch up conversation, we were sharing our frustrations over inefficient work processes (re: nerds) and we realized that it wasn’t just the one company—small businesses are plagued with inefficiency that drive their revenues down.

CEOs constantly hear of new tactics to employ, but without an efficient and solid foundation within a team, implementing every tactic is not sustainable—because successful companies aren’t built on tactics.

That’s why we offer CEOs thoughtful, tailored, and data-backed suggestions that start from the foundation of their brand’s ecosystem.


What’s in a Name?

Why did we choose the trusty Dandelion to rep our brand?

Aside from being beautiful and strong, dandelions are incredible at optimization. They show up where you least expect it and they have one of the most efficient ways of spreading their seeds—have you made a wish lately?

Plants are created of the Earth, with cycles of growth and processes for success. We feel companies function in essentially the same way.

True, healthy and sustainable growth starts with a planted idea—a seed—into fertile soil. Solid roots grow from the team you build, and the flower that buds is the brand you’ve cultivated. How your company blossoms throughout its lifetime is influenced by its ecosystem. Dandelions can survive happily in harsh ecosystems, and that’s what we want to offer to the companies we work with.

Meet the Team


Courtney Hume

Courtney sees the vision of a brand and shapes it to maximize conversion without compromising the “who” of your company.


Aubrey Wallace

Aubrey hears the voice of a brand and trains it to speak across marketing platforms without diluting your message.

Together, we strive to bring vision and voice into cohesion to help you create a successful marketing ecosystem that speaks to your target demographic.

We create innovative strategies and clear workflows that make sense for your team and company,  we value data analysis as a guide to develop more creative ways to reach your customers.

Cultivate a healthy ecosystem, and watch your brand bloom.

Better results — Built for your brand — Tailored to your team

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