We help our clients achieve fuller results, brand cohesion, and sustainable growth with data driven strategies that are built for your brand and tailored to your team.

Our Approach—The Dandelion Branding Difference.

Our work is holistic. It starts with the health of your brand’s foundation and focuses on the company as a living system.

We study the ecosystem of your brand, identifying inefficiencies, optimizing workflow processes, and creating consistent forward movement.

We offer guidance designed for you and your team that will quickly allow your brand the opportunity to take on the endeavors that drive your business’ growth.

Is Your Brand Growing?

What’s in a Name?

Why did we choose the trusty Dandelion to rep our brand?

Aside from being beautiful and strong, dandelions are incredible at optimization. They show up where you least expect it and they have one of the most efficient ways of spreading their seeds—have you made a wish lately?

Plants are created of the Earth, with cycles of growth and processes for success. We feel companies function in essentially the same way.

True, healthy and sustainable growth starts with a planted idea—a seed—into fertile soil. Solid roots grow from the team you build, and the flower that buds is the brand you’ve cultivated. How your company blossoms throughout its lifetime is influenced by its ecosystem.

Dandelions can survive happily in harsh ecosystems. That’s what we offer to our clients.

Can Your Brand Survive Through Next Winter?

Our Team

Courtney Hume

Aubrey Wallace

Courtney sees the vision of a brand and shapes it to maximize conversion without compromising the “who” of your company.

Aubrey hears the voice of a brand and trains it to speak across marketing platforms without diluting your message.

Together, we strive to bring vision and voice into cohesion to help you create a successful marketing ecosystem that speaks to your target demographic.

We create innovative strategies and clear workflows that make sense for your team and company,  we value data analysis as a guide to develop more creative ways to reach your customers.

Cultivate a healthy ecosystem, and watch your brand bloom.

Better results — Built for your brand — Tailored to your team