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Dandelion Branding Builds Loyal Digital Community with great user experience and organic marketing strategy

organic marketing strategy & Customer Experience Optimization


Is Dandelion a good match for you?

We work with purposeful brands, makers, thought leaders, and wellness practitioners to improve your connection with customers and clients.

You’re running a small business dedicated to what you do best—creating, educating, and inspiring change—that is what you should be focusing on, not complicated marketing strategies, analyzing metrics, or optimizing your website.

Let us take that stuff off your plate.  

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Our Services

We build brands that last with unique content marketing strategies and compelling customer experience initiatives.

 Whether you need a total rebrand or just a few website improvements,
SEO updates or a full scale email marketing audit,
deep content calendaring or regular accountability calls
we’ve got you covered.

Building a Brand that Lasts Takes Two Things:

the right kind of traffic


great customer experience

 We Get You the Right Traffic

The “right traffic” is your ideal customer
and with our methods, they’ll come to you organically and stay loyal as your business grows.

Organic traffic means people will find your website without having to pay for ads.

 We Get You the Right Traffic

The “right traffic” is your ideal customer
and with our methods, they’ll come to you organically and stay loyal as your business grows.

Organic traffic means people will find your website without having to pay for ads.

We Optimize Your Customer Experience

If your website isn’t designed for your ideal customer to have a great experience, you’re not going to be turning a profit any time soon whether you have the right traffic or not. A positive user experience on your website leads to improved conversion (aka bringing you more sales).

In a single front end user experience audit, brands we work with have doubled their website conversion rate.

The Duo is in the Details

Organic traffic from your ideal customer coupled with an incredible online experience is what builds a loyal digital community. 

Aside from being repeat customers and super fans, your loyal community will help you spread your message far and wide. They will buy your products as gifts and recommend you to their friends and family, lowering your customer acquisition cost and improving your lifetime value.

Let us sort through the details of your brand for you and create a strategy that harnesses your creativity so that you never have to question how your brand is growing again.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it

Read about it directly from the people we've helped...
Kevin TerreroCEO - ThePureWay
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Dandelion branding has been instrumental in helping reposition and reshape our brand identity. Their authentic approach combined with incredible story telling has empowered us to understand our mission more clearly, while also providing the knowledge needed to convey that message to our target customers. These two amazing ladies are top performers that are passionate and dedicated to their craft. Their attention to detail and vigorous planning has been reinvigorating to our organization. I highly recommend any entrepreneur who puts a premium on brand strategy to get in touch with Dandelion Branding... before they're too busy to respond.
Bethany P.Small Business Owner
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Aubrey and Courtney are simply amazing! They reviewed my website (including my sales pages and my blog) and sent me a four-page comprehensive review filled with helpful recommendations and even categorized their review based on what was good, what needs help, and what needs to be fixed right away. They caught mistakes that I had missed as I was building my website and provided me with a clear plan of action to make my website look more professional and to attract my ideal client. I highly recommend them!
Ashley V.Owner - Simply Fit with Ashley
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Dandelion Branding did a wonderful job at getting to the heart of what my website and branding truly needed. They provided actionable and realistic feedback that allowed me to start making changes right away. The feedback was honest,direct, and provided in a timely manner. I would definitely use them for future projects.
Cristina Alexandra Business Coach & Entrepreneur
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I still can believe what these ladies did for me and my website. it was done in less than 48hrs 😱😱😱. I was in shock (in a really good way). Now this is the best part... they color coded the review and started with the positive feedback and all the good stuff they saw on my website. Then they specified and clarified what needed help or needed to be revised so my clients could understand my offer and services. These ladies understood my brand and my message. They gave me great tips and I'm still working on fixing everything. The most importantly they tried to build a relationship with me which I believe is the most important thing when we offer services. I highly recommend them.
Kasey LabrieTravel Agent
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My website review with Dandelion Branding was extremely helpful! I couldnt agree more with their finding, especially having it looked at with new eyes! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into your work! revamping my site as we speak!

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Who Are We?

We’re the Dandelion Branding Duo.

We combine our skills to help build brands’ loyal digital communities through organic marketing strategy and customer experience optimization.

Courtney sees the vision of a brand and shapes it to maximize conversion without compromising the “who” of your company.

Aubrey hears the voice of a brand and trains it to speak across marketing platforms without diluting your message.

For the better part of a decade, Courtney has worked in ecommerce management, retail merchandising, and user experience optimization leading to improved internal processes and boosts in completed checkouts. 

Courtney’s passion for branding stems from her love of visual merchandising within the ecommerce world and building cohesion throughout a brand’s visual identity. 

She is fascinated by the fandom surrounding brand identity and the concepts that drive customer loyalty.

For more than 5 years, Aubrey has been directing small businesses in utilizing organic strategy for traffic, email initiatives resulting in 15%-20% revenue increase, and SEO optimization to continually improve traffic over time.

Aubrey has never wanted to be anything but a writer—and through that passion has been honing her craft within the digital marketing world.

She is captivated by the psychological subtlety behind a brand’s messaging.


Whoever said your coach shouldn’t be your strategist had it wrong. We provide mindset support through the tough times and give you a solid foundation to stand on to move forward. We prioritize actionable tasks that are the most impactful for your brand implemented at the right time.

We offer a new way to think: the Taproot Strategy. You need one holistic strategy to act as the foundation to fuel your brand—that is your tap root. The other aspects of your marketing are initiatives that radiate outward from your tap root.

Best practices are important to follow, but your company is unique, so the way you market it has to be as well. We’re going to show you “what works” in a way that resonate with your brand.

We aren’t going to overwhelm you. Too many business coaches create internal conflict for their clients by piling on unsustainable amounts of busy work. We’re going to meet you where you are and guide you through the steps to get your company to where you want it to be.

We do NOT believe in making assumptions. We take a holistic approach, we’re going to make sure that your brand is set up to win before we talk about adding more initiatives to your plate.

When you float away from Dandelion, you’re going to feel in full control of your brand.

Our work is holistic.

We focus on your brand as a whole—there’s a reason you’ve created this company and that matters. We work to understand your “why” first so that we can steer you to create a brand you can be proud of.

Throughout our process we teach you how to encompass and protect your valuable “why”, incorporate that throughout your entire business, all while setting you up for sustainable growth for the future.

Our method is transformative.

We love when our clients find themselves with new mindsets, with new passion for the details, and a new sense of action and urgency that courses through the entirety of the business.

When your brand begins to bloom, you’ll be able to confidently move forward with what you love.

Our communication is authentic.

We met on a team creating an 8-figure business, and we didn’t get there by being apprehensive in offering our feedback and advice. We’re honest about what we see and we come to the table with solutions for the problems your brand faces.

Having two sets of expert eyes on your team means that you won’t miss a thing when it comes to what your brand can improve right now.

We don’t think about all of your content and every platform as needing a different “strategy” because that breeds and confusion into your brand’s messaging.

You have one brand, connected to one driving purpose so you only need one strategy:

Your Taproot Strategy

This singular strategy defines the values that you adhere to, making everything that radiates outward from your brand easily identifiable and cohesive.

Aside from being beautiful, strong, and recognizable, the dandelion grows from a single tap root that burrows deep and radiates outward.  They show up where you least expect it and they have one of the most efficient ways of spreading their seeds.

Their seeds blow in the wind, can travel for miles to be planted, and thrive in the harshest environments.

In other words, this simple plant has branding down pat.