4 Key Reasons Why Consistent Content Marketing Is Important

At Dandelion, we love content marketing. It’s by far the most effective long term strategy for audience building. But creating killer content is a challenge in and of itself, but being CONSISTENT with that content takes that challenge to a whole other level.

We know when business owners get busy, one of the first areas of their business to fall off the wagon is, unfortunately, content creation. This then leads to more stress, feeling behind, rushing to get something created, and the results are subpar at best.

We have an incredible article here to help come up with consistent content ideas, but even with that help, we know creating that content takes time. Writing a great blog or making an engaging video use muscles that need to be exercised over and over again. Keeping a consistent content calendar, whatever your pace may be, helps to build that muscle plus the rest of the benefits you’ll see below!

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content Marketing a strategic marketing approach that focuses on providing useful and informative content to potential customers, rather than directly promoting products or services. It’s a long term strategy, that when used over time, attracts, engages, and helps retain your target audience.

In our opinion, it truly is the best way to establish your business as a brand and start to build a community. These 4 key reasons though are why content creation unlocks your business’ true potential!

Increase Awareness of Your Business

Consistent content can help establish and reinforce brand identity, making it easier for customers to recognize and remember your business. By providing valuable information and solutions to the target audience, on a consistent basis your business will become a trusted resource that your audience seeks insights from.

Establish Authority

Your content gives you the opportunity for your brand to heave a voice, to make statements and to be bold. Well-executed content marketing can help a brand stand out from its competitors. By providing unique insights, perspectives, and solutions, you can position your business as a thought leader and create a competitive advantage. This builds trust and credibility with customers and prospects.

Inspire Customer Engagement

Content can and should inspire engagement! It can also keep customers engaged with the business once your audience begins to associate you with valuable education, helpful insights, and entertainment. The relevant content you create entices your audience to come back to your site time and time again, fostering loyalty, reducing customer churn, and increasing your overall customer lifetime value.

Improve Search Engine Rankings and Website Traffic

Consistent content that is optimized for search engines can help improve your visibility in search results and help drive more folks to your site. The content you create should have recurring themes and all fit a similar set of values, so it’s likely that your SEO keywords for that content will all be related or from a “keyword family”. This relationship between the SEO keywords you’re optimizing for helps search engines to better understand who to serve your content to! This approach to content makes it easier for potential customers to find you, so create a wide variety of content within your ideal audience’s interests.

If you’re feeling stuck with your content creation, let’s chat! Our Sustainable marketing practices help you develop effective strategies that are not only maintainable, but also use the most environmentally friendly and accessible techniques.

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