8000 Kicks - Sustainably Sourced Hemp Fabric Shoes & Accessories

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Why We’re Elevating 8000 Kicks

These hemp shoes are made from responsibly sourced hemp, and recycled algae bloom soles. They are 100% vegan and ecofriendly!⁠ They’re even working on increasing the amount of renewable energy used at all their production facilities.
“If we can’t show everyone we can make better products with natural materials, then how are we supposed to change things? How are we suppose to make this planet better?” – Bernardo, Owner of 8000Kicks.

Why is Hemp a Good Sustainable Option?

Hemp fabric is a great textile option because it is not only durable and strong, but offers many environmental benefits when compared to cotton. Hemp plants actually sequester more carbon from the environment as they grow, meaning they’re a carbon negative crop!

The 8000 Kicks Hemp Shoes Brand Story

8000 Kicks empowers their customers to opt-in for a more sustainable lifestyle by providing a superior eco friendly solution. The team wanted to provide footwear for the active person so they could have the best experience under any condition. Their hemp shoes and accessories are durable and naturally waterproof!

The 8000 Kicks hemp shoes use:
~ 100g of repurposed algae
~72% less CO2 used than the typical shoe
~70% less water used for the materials

The creators behind 8000 Kicks searched the world for a trusted hemp supplier. Their dedication to a sustainable and transparent supply chain is inspiring! What started out as just hemp fabric shoes has now expanded into an entire line of shoes and accessories.