Beeswax food wraps covering chopped vegetables

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Why We’re Elevating 8000 Kicks

Abeego helps kitchens around the globe reduce food AND plastic waste with their reusable beeswax food wraps that keep food fresher, longer.
“Our hope is that together, we can exchange pieces of wisdom, big and small, to forge a deeper connection and sense of unity to food and one another.” – Toni Desrosiers, Owner of Abeego.

How Do Beeswax Food Wraps Reduce Food Waste?

Beeswax food wraps can be used as an alternative to plastic cling wraps and plastic bags. The thin layer of beeswax is sticky so it adheres to itself, and stays secure on food containers.

They shield fresh food from air, light, and moisture while letting off-gas escape. This helps the food stay more fresh, for longer! Plastic wraps don’t allow for the food items to off-gas, resulting in mushy and spoiled food! Beeswax food wraps are entirely natural and inspired by properties of the skins, peels, and rinds found in this natural world.

So not only are beeswax food wraps more sustainable to produce because they’re made from all natural materials, they also help us to better preserve our foods! Food waste is a huge environmental problem because as food breaks down in landfills, it releases methane and CO2 into the atmosphere. If we can ensure food stays more fresh for longer, it increases the likelihood that it will get used up and not be wasted.

The Abeego Brand Story

Inspired by nature’s lemon peel and invented in 2008, Abeego is the original beeswax wrap that breathes & protects. Like nature’s peels, Abeego shields fresh food from air, light & moisture while letting off-gas escape. The result: fresh food for what feels like forever. Abeego’s ingredients – beeswax, tree resin & jojoba oil infused into a hemp & organic cotton cloth – were hand-picked for their synergy to keep fresh food living for longer than ever imagined.

Abeego is Toni Desrosiers’ love child born out of a desire to live holistically and a deep drive to disrupt for good. In her mission to Keep Food Alive in pursuit of food for all, she invented beeswax food wrap in 2008 and disrupted the billion dollar plastic wrap industry in the process.

They are B Corp Certified and made in Canada.