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About Us

Dandelion Branding is an eco-friendly marketing agency.

We are a women-owned and operated agency committed to discovering and implementing sustainable marketing systems that are are more effective, easily manageable, and friendlier to the planet than typical techniques.

Our mission is to amplify the social and environmental impacts of organizations that are creating resilient, sustainable change in the world.


Courtney is a co-founder of Dandelion.

Courtney started her career as a Customer Success Manager for Annmarie Skin Care in 2014. Her knack for problem solving technical issues and building user-centric websites really started there! After a few years working with Customer Success she transitioned to a new role as a E-commerce Project Manager which helped to expand her skillset and understand all facets of operating an online business. This role taught her the ins and outs of Shopify, WordPress, the wonderful world of apps and plugins, as well as some coding and Shopify development.

“Working as an advocate for customers and community retention really illustrated the different ways in which marketing and website design can be experienced and interpreted by the user. 

My user-first approach is the basis of all of my work. I love figuring out complex technical integrations and ensuring roll out plans are functional, cohesive, and intuitive.

Dandelion gives me the opportunity to help sustainably focused organizations to level up their websites and create engaging content for marketing campaigns and launches.”

When she’s not working you can find Court at the local thrift store, spending the afternoon reading in the park with her rescue pup Goose, or likely chilling in her living room watching movies, playing Nintendo Switch, and tending to her houseplants. 


Aub is the second co-founder of Dandelion.

Aub got her start in content marketing in 2013 when she co-founded Ravishly, an online feminist magazine, and fell in love with the process. Founding an eco-friendly marketing agency offers the perfect mix of data and creativity that comes complete with a very tangible impact.

“I’ve always identified as a writer, but it was a challenge to bring people in to hear my voice. So I learned SEO. Then I wanted people to keep reading, so I learned email marketing. Then I wanted to keep it consistent, so I developed a system. Then I had a team to include, so we worked together to improve on the system, and Courtney and I have been improving on our holistic approach to content marketing and strategy ever since.

Dandelion challenges me to use all my skills everyday and gives me the chance to bring the power of marketing to businesses that are dedicated to making an impact!”

When she’s not working on a project, you can usually find aub nosing about in the forest or giving congratulatory high fives to her plants for growing.


Sophia is the content admin and assistant at Dandelion.

Sophia also works as a freelance copywriter for a range of sustainable companies, including Agtech, CPG, and sustainable packaging brands. Working in a women-led team at Dandelion has proven to be the perfect mix of different tasks and skills that align with the values that are so important to her.

In her free time, she loves to play the guitar and brush up on the latest language she’s been learning.  And, when there’s enough time, she enjoys hiking and exploring new places in her area.


Shubhangi is the content writer for Dandelion. 

After completing her MBA in marketing, Shubhangi worked as a brand manager before choosing to pursue a full-time career as a professional content writer. With this shift, she combined her love for writing together with her marketing experience to create content that truly resonates with her clients’ audience. 

Shubhangi has spent over five years working with brands from the US, UK, and EU, helping them define and effectively communicate their ethos and offerings with tailored content. 

When she’s not busy writing, you’ll find Shubhangi performing as a singer-songwriter with her indie-pop band, or reading sci-fi while sipping on a hot cup of tea. 

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