Who is Dandelion Branding?

Dandelion Branding is a digital marketing agency that works with sustainable brands.

Aub and Courtney make up the Dandelion Branding Duo.

Courtney’s focus is on the customer experience and intuitive website design.

Aub’s focus is on driving traffic through holistic content marketing strategy.

We’ve been intertwining customer experience with marketing initiatives since 2014 – they’re two sides of the same coin!

Together, we create holistic, creative, cross platform marketing strategies that radiate throughout a brand.

We maximize efficient, sustainable growth initiatives and mitigate limitations that slow growth and overwhelm small business owners using historical and real time data.

Why We Work with Sustainable Brands


We are passionate about making sustainability part of the mainstream conversation.


We see the need for massive structural and political change in our society and we want to help do our part by living as sustainably as we can, and helping others learn how to live sustainably too.

It just makes sense to combine our skills and our passion.

 The Ethics Behind Dandelion

Dandelion Branding is our opportunity to have a larger impact on the world by helping sustainable small businesses compete with large chains through improving their marketing efforts.

Sustainable business ethics and leaving the world a better place are important concepts in our lives and we bring it to Dandelion Branding too. Since we know that how you spend your money is how you cast your vote in this world, we want to dedicate our time and attention to helping the right kind of businesses get attention.

The Dandelion Difference

We want to make a difference, and there are people out there making small differences every day with their sustainable brands.

They deserve to be seen.

Too often, digital agencies create high time, high budget, myopic plans that alienate small businesses from being able to receive help at their most vulnerable stage.

We’re not about that.

We change the way businesses interact with their marketing – your marketing isn’t separate from your brand!

We use our expertise to help the people that go against the grain every day. It is a stressful search to find an agency that knows a thing or two about the intentional, deeply connected way that a sustainable brand wants to communicate. We don’t need it explained because we operate in the same way.

As we create a bigger, louder community of these people, we’re building our own empire of high quality, high value brands that get to live their lives impassioned and excited for every day.

Interested in finding out if we’re a good fit to work together? We are too!

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To put it simply: We’re a breath of fresh air for sustainable businesses looking for an agency to help with their marketing. While other agencies have to learn about this industry from the ground up, we come to the table with real solutions for brands in the sustainability and wellness industry.

We tell it like it is. Because our focus is, and always will be, holistically growing your brand, we’re going to tell you what you need for your brand to thrive – even if the best thing isn’t our services.

We offer a unique content marketing experience. We are here to support you while you build your brand around the values you define. We call it the Taproot Strategy (yes a dandelion pun) and it creates stability in your brand so you can stand the test of time.

We do NOT believe in making assumptions. Those of us with an altruistic streak tend towards ultimate optimism – which in business leads to incredible ideas coupled with unrealistic expectations. You let your mind wander while we look at data to make decisions, histories to make forecasts, and experience to set goals.

We’re dedicated to raising the volume on small businesses that are doing awesome things with and for the planet.

The truth is, we all have a role to play if we want human, plant, and animal kind to continue to thrive on Earth. The role we choose is to help make waves in the problematic, wasteful industries by supporting the brands that are doing incredible work in the sustainable and natural wellness industries.

So, are we the right sustainable brand marketing agency for you?

That depends entirely on what you’re looking for.

If you’re trying to make your mark on the world by creating something badass, hit us up. Let’s jump on the phone and see if we vibe.

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 Our work is holistic.

We focus on your brand as a whole—there’s a reason you created your company and that matters. We work to understand your “why” first so that we can steer you to create a brand you can be proud of.

Throughout our process we teach you how to encompass and protect your valuable “why,” incorporate that throughout your entire business, all while setting you up for sustainable growth for the future.

Our method is transformative.

We’re in the business of blooming brands. We’re going to help you take the ideas you have milling around in your head – that special expertise you’ve gained about the products or services you love – and help you make it blossom into a viable brand. 

Our communication is authentic.

We met on a team creating an 8-figure business, and we didn’t get there by being apprehensive in offering our feedback and advice. We’re honest about what we see and we come to the table with solutions for the problems your brand faces.

Having two sets of expert eyes on your team means that you won’t miss a thing when it comes to what your brand can improve right now.

These are the four pillars of sustainability. We work with brands that are working to revolutionize their industries with these in mind:

human – brands that invest in improving human potential. These brands are focused on improving welfare, education, healthcare, and individual human rights.

social – brands that invest in improving society’s potential. They are focused on creating communities based on equality, compassion, and ethics. 

environmental – brands that invest in decreasing human impact on the environment. They are eco-friendly methods of production and packaging, and they take the environment into consideration in all of their business decisions.  

economic – brands that invest on improving their economic potential. These brands want to increase their value and loyalty without overcapitalization of goods.

Aside from being beautiful, strong, and recognizable, the dandelion grows from a single tap root that burrows deep and radiates outward.  They show up where you least expect it and they have one of the most efficient ways of spreading their seeds.

Their seeds blow in the wind, can travel for miles to be planted, and thrive in the harshest environments.

In other words, this simple plant has branding down pat.

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