Who is Dandelion Branding?

Dandelion Branding is a digital marketing agency that works with the badass small businesses making a difference in the natural wellness industry.

Aubrey and Courtney make up the Dandelion Branding Duo.

Aubrey’s focus is on content strategy and driving traffic.

Aubrey’s focus is on content strategy and driving traffic.

Courtney’s focus is on the customer experience and intuitive website design.

We’ve been intertwining customer experience with marketing initiatives for years because we know they are two sides of the same coin.

Together, we create holistic, creative, cross platform marketing strategies that radiate throughout a brand.

We maximize efficient, sustainable growth initiatives and mitigate limitations that slow growth and overwhelm small business owners using historical and real time data.

We have found that we are uniquely qualified to work with the wellness industry, so that’s where we focus our efforts.

Why Dandelion Branding Works with Natural Wellness

We have deep knowledge and experience in this industry.

We’re a breath of fresh air to any small, sustainable company searching for help with their marketing. 

Aubrey is a certified clinical herbalist with an understanding of herbs, nature, and several healing modalities. The intersection of wellness knowledge and her work as a content strategist and creator in the wellness field allows Aub insight into how to bridge the gap between the expert and the consumer.

Courtney’s experience with the online customer experience in the wellness industry is unparalleled. As both a customer herself and someone who has spent years talking to customers and optimizing websites to improve their experience, Courtney knows what the customer is looking for, and what they expect to find.

It is a stressful search to find an agency that knows a thing or two about the open hearted, deeply connected way that a natural health brand wants to communicate. We don’t need it explained because we operate in the same way.

 The Ethics Behind Dandelion

Dandelion Branding is our opportunity to have a larger impact on the world by helping sustainable small businesses compete with large chains through improving their marketing efforts.

Sustainable business ethics and leaving the world a better place are important concepts in our lives and we bring it to Dandelion Branding too. Since we know that how you spend your money is how you cast your vote in this world, we want to dedicate our time and attention to helping the right kind of businesses get attention.

The Dandelion Difference

We want to make a difference, and there are people out there making small differences every day with their sustainable brands or wellness practice.

They deserve to be seen.

Too often, digital agencies create high time, high budget, myopic plans that alienate small businesses from being able to receive help at their most vulnerable stage.

We’re not about that.

We are two very different people, but when it comes right down to it, our spines are made of steel. Dandelion Branding is a stubborn, thorn in the foot of the lion that is big business. We change the way businesses should interact with their marketing. 

We use our expertise to help the people that go against the grain every day.

  • The brand builders that make products in small batches all day and then write their emails at midnight.

  • The health coach that works 9-5 and then comes home to make youtube videos to educate people on ways to improve their health.

  • The wellness practitioner that has spent thousands of dollars on their own education so they can spend hours researching even more to help heal one client at a time.

As we create a bigger, louder community of these people, we’re building our own empire of high quality, high value brands that get to live their lives impassioned and excited for every day.

Interested in finding out if we’re a good fit to work together? We are too!

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