A Bold Brand Voice Can Create Real Change: How an Effective Marketing Strategy Can Help

Bold brand voices have the power to influence change and inspire. The positions we take can radiate outward and inspire our audience to think bigger, and to make real change in their communities. Issues like climate change, inequality, and social and environmental injustices need to be spoken about. Businesses have platforms, and with those platforms, have so much potential to be leaders in these necessary conversations.


Bold Brands Have So Much Power

People look to the brands they like and follow on social media for cues on social issues. When brands take bold positions on issues it sparks conversations, and helps spread knowledge. According to a 2019 study conducted by Sprout Social, ” 70% of consumers feel it’s important for brands to take a stand on public issues.”

70% of consumers feel it’s important for brands to take a stand on public issues.

Sprout Social, 2019

Not speaking up about issues is a missed opportunity to not only create deeper connection with your audience, but also take action and create real change! Authenticity in your sustainability messaging isn’t just ethical; it’s good business.

The Danger of the “Green Hush”

One unfortunate pitfall some brands fall into is the “green hush.” This occurs when businesses do make efforts towards sustainability but aren’t able to weave these efforts into their brand’s voice and values. The silence is sadly counterproductive though and can be truly detrimental to your relationship with your audience.

Even if you’re not hitting all of your sustainability goals, or may not know the perfect way to infuse your values into your marketing yet, one easy way to start is by making a statement on sustainability. Openly and regularly discussing your sustainability initiatives and the challenges you aim to tackle gives you so many opportunities for storytelling in your content. Each new content opportunity allows you to hone your bold statements and develop your brand voice. This approach not only builds trust with consumers but also positions your brand as an honest and transparent thought leader in the sustainability space.

The Holistic Marketing Approach

A holistic marketing approach is essential when you’re seeking to create bold, business-wide stories and messaging. Many traditional marketing strategies are a bit fragmented, or too focused on a singular platform. Rather than a piecemeal approach that can lead to mixed messages, confusion, and eventually exhaustion and “green hushing” once again.

Dandelion Holistic Marketing Strategy to the Rescue

A comprehensive, Holistic Marketing approach considers all facets of your business so you’re able to operate with strong brand values, a bold brand voice clear brand messages, and plans for every platform within your digital presence. The Holistic Marketing Strategy project can be broken down into three essential documents:

  1. Brand and Audience Overview: This foundational document outlines brand goals, solidifies brand values, and provides voice guidelines to ensure a consistent brand voice. It includes a thorough analysis of your audience profiles and tailored strategies for engaging with each segment.
  2. Holistic Marketing Strategy: This is the main strategy document and it focuses on how exactly you can achieve your goals, fine-tuning your platforms, and deliver a seamless user experience throughout your entire digital presence. It also dives into how you can tell your brand’s story consistently while connecting with your diverse audience groups.
  3. Social Post Index: This actionable document helps define What to post, When to post, Where to post, and Why. This document defines targeted post types for various social media platforms and is directly connected to your custom content calendar spanning three months. I

The Benefits of Going Holistic

The Holistic Marketing Strategy Project is a roadmap for maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence. By adopting your holistic marketing strategy, you will gain clarity and confidence, setting yourself up for long-term success. For sustainably focused companies, this strategic positioning and fine tuned digital presence is not only going to help you connect with your customers or clients, but also attract potential investors.

Join the Sustainable Marketing Revolution

Get a comprehensive guidebook for effectively communicating core values and achieving ambitious goals. If you’re a business owner or marketer inspired to learn more about holistic marketing and its benefits, let’s chat! Let’s make sure you’re telling a story that’s not only compelling but also true to your commitment to a better, greener world. 💚 Schedule a call with us here!

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