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Brands that Bloom – Steph and MyGloww

This month's Brands that Bloom spotlight is shining on Steph, the soloprenuer behind MyGloww. This brand has a massive vision of inclusivity!

Every month we spotlight a brand that we think is doing something unique and incredible. We call this our Brands that Bloom Series. We’ve been working on this project for more than a year now and this ever-growing collection of entrepreneurs is truly inspiring.

And this month’s spotlight is NO different. We spoke with Steph, the soloprenuer mind behind MyGloww. They are the only brand we’ve ever found using tech to make an actual customized foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone! We were IMPRESSED so we had to chat with her.

A special for you:
By the way, for the rest of 2020, the Gloww Guide is free, and you should totally scoop it up. The guide is the results of the analysis from the MyGloww tech. It shares everything you need to learn how to make your skin glow using your makeup. 

— MyGloww Dec 2020

MyGloww was started because Steph missed a flight to her honeymoon – super bummer – and she wanted to do something for herself to feel better. She decided to buy some makeup, but when she had a hard time finding her shade, it didn’t really cheer her up.

So, with her painter’s background, she mixed her own makeup. It was the first time that she had ever found a shade for her skin.

And a new obsession was born. Over the next year or so, she made 360 shades of foundation. Yes, 360. And then she found out that people STILL weren’t finding their perfect shade. 

So she turned to tech.

The MyGloww brand is 5 Years Old but Steph just steered the brand through a total rebrand and a name change (it was Mayen, and we talk about the Rebrand in the video interview above).

The MyGloww Vision

Steph’s vision for MyGloww is to be known as the beauty brand that every person can use.

She wants MyGloww to be a completely customized beauty routine that makes people feel special. There are more products coming down the pipeline that will allow everyone using MyGloww to have their perfect color palette.

(omg so exciting)

Brands Built on Inclusivity

MyGloww is completely infused with this sense of beautiful inclusion.

When we mentioned it, Steph drew a really clear line: “I didn’t want to do that beauty thing where they just make a limited range, and if you’re not included, tough.”

Brands like this are rare. MyGloww has a definitive niche but it’s built on principles of inclusivity. It is affordable and built for all makeup wearers, regardless of the uniqueness of their skintone.

Most of the time, when we talk about “niching down,” business owners don’t think about how to be MORE inclusive, they think about how to exclude people. When you’re identifying your niche and your audience, we highly suggest taking inclusivity into consideration.

When you’re building your brand, consider who your niche tends to exclude. Do you see less people of color? Less of a specific gender? Are most of your competitors focused on people with excess money? Try to find a way to include groups of people that aren’t catered to.

You have now have an additional competitive advantage.

Why? Inclusivity is a little-spoken of principle of sustainability!

Why Inclusivity is Sustainable

Inclusivity is sustainable because it’s socially conscious. We have talked about this several times, but as we learned in Everybody lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (click here for our review), data shows that inclusivity leads to higher rates of success, access to knowledge, and more empathy for the world around us.

We learn more about ourselves and each other when we include other types of people in our lives and in our branding. When we accept diversity, we are more open to sharing sustainable solutions and we can find innovations in interdisciplinary collaboration.

Inclusivity in branding means empowering people that don’t get a lot of attention from our specific niches, and adding power to smaller voices is one of the best ways to grow the grassroots support of our products and our ideas.

Wise Words from an Inclusive Entrepreneur

We leave you with a quote from Steph. A lovely lesson that every entrepreneur learns. It doesn’t matter who you’re helping, or how inclusive you are.

“Just because you have a good idea, doesn’t mean that people will buy it…you have to find out the language target customers use.”

– Steph, CEO of MyGloww

To learn more about MyGloww, visit her website by clicking here or you can follow her on Instagram @mygloww_.

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