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Saige and Ivy - Brands that Bloom

Every month we talk to a different entrepreneur behind a sustainable business all about the brand that they’re blooming. We’re floored by the incredible insight and vulnerability that comes from these inspiring folks, and we want to share their stories. You can read all of these on the Brands that Bloom Series Page!

This month, we got in touch with Brittney, the incredible founder behind Saige and Ivy. Brittney is a solo-preneur and mother of 2 (soon to be 3) who is running the entire show from product development, formulation, packaging, shipping, marketing, you name it! She’s wearing all the hats and does so with grace, openness, honesty and transparency. (read: she’s a total badass).

Saige and Ivy is an all natural wellness brand that focuses on skin care products designed specifically for the underarms. She provides healthy alternatives to traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, as well as supplemental products to help detoxify and replenish the sensitive underarm area.

Interview with Brittney, Founder of Saige and Ivy

Did you always want to be a business owner? How did you decide on creating such innovative, all-natural underarm products? 

I actually wanted to be a counselor. I went to undergrad and received my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. It wasn’t until I experienced years of difficulty in the job market that I thought something different might be meant for me. 

I created my underarm products for myself at first after I experienced underarm issues from using antiperspirants and after doing some research into traditional ingredients. I eventually started selling the products I made after realizing that other women needed these products to heal their underarms as well. 

Tell us a bit about the story behind the brand, your guiding purpose, and your vision for future.

I officially launched Saige & Ivy at the end of 2017 and it is named after my first child Saige Ivy Samuel.

The purpose of my brand from the very beginning was to cater to women’s wellness. I wanted to remind women to always choose themselves and not settle. Remind them that the life they desire is attainable when you do the work, prioritize yourself and trust your journey. 

I have a plan to grow Saige & Ivy into a complete lifestyle brand! I’m very excited! 

Can you tell us a bit more about how you create your products and how new products are developed?

I’ve created products based on my customers’ needs. In doing that I try to make sure to include plant based ingredients that are not harmful or toxic. With new product creation I try to fill gaps and or promote self care and wellness for women. If I am doing either or these two I know I can’t go wrong. 

Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew when you started? 

I know now that all you have to do is be yourself to succeed in online business. When I first started I got lost in all the noise around me and could not quite find my voice. It led me to try to mimic other brands or be someone I wasn’t. I had to dig deep and constantly remind myself of my purpose and what my brand stands for. That made me realize that all I had to do was be me because I am aligned with my brand’s purpose.

So when growing your business online you can’t pay attention to the “likes” and follower count. You just have to keep showing your brands purpose and telling your unique message and believe your tribe will find you. If you don’t you can get discouraged and burn out fast. 

Any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

I think it’s important to understand that whatever is in you that has not been healed or dealt with in a healthy manner will come out during your entrepreneurial journey. 

So it’s very important to prioritize your healing and your wellness. Get a counselor, make time for selfcare, and really deal with unresolved problems because this journey is going to surface all of that. And I believe it’s only when you can break your barriers down that you can eventually, truly live freely and abundantly doing what you love and serving the people who need you. 

How to Follow Saige and Ivy

To watch Brittney’s company grow (or buy one of her incredible products) you can follow her instagram @saigeandivy, or Facebook here or check out her website at

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