The 5 Focus Points for a Cohesive User Experience

UX, User Experience, User Interface… there are a lot of terms that relate to this concept of “user experience.”    That makes sense, right? While the idea that the customer should leave feeling positively about their time with you is ages old, the UX industry is relatively new.   In general, the definitions floating around on the internet are thoroughly non-specific and broad—I don’t see that changing any time soon.   Since we use the term a lot with the people with work with, I thought it would be great to define what we mean when we say, “user experience.”

So What is User Experience?

Well according to Google, the definition of User Experience (UX) is, “the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.”

Most definitions of this term will focus mostly on the tech side of things and it certainly feels quite tech-y when abbreviated to UX, but personally I like to think of user experience a bit more broadly. I’ll get to that in a second.

While the term “user” may not resonate with everyone it’s an easier term than “customer” or “potential customer,” so I tend to use it pretty frequently.

UX vs. UI

I think some confusion regarding UX is the distinction between UX and UI. UI stands for User Interface, (meaning your site, app, or platform) it’s what people engage with. These days UI is essentially the tech side of UX as a whole so the interface is only a part of the experience of your “users.”

UX is anything your customer will see or interact with digitally or physically from start to finish with your brand. It’s literally the entire experience—anything your customers, fans, followers interact with and how they feel about that interaction is part the full user experience.

Note that physical products are absolutely a part of the user experience. Packaging, including how the box lands on their doorstep, plays a major role in consumer decision making and should 100% be in line with your branding.

The importance of User Experience to your overall brand is paramount.

The User Experience Mindset

When building a brand identity you must consider your brand from a user’s perspective. Thinking of things in terms of the overall user experience gives insight into how to communicate literally as well as visually. Taking a step back and looking at your brand from the user’s perspective can help with decision making and help bring clarity to your overall vision.

Here at Dandelion Branding, we focus on UX because we believe in one holistic brand strategy that encompasses the full user experience. Cohesion and clarity are the name of the game here.

Ready to take the leap and incorporate a holistic perspective for your brand?

If you’re still unsure on where to begin with your UX, it may be because your foundation is not set for your brand. If you don’t know who you’re speaking to and how to speak to them it doesn’t matter how much energy you put into your UX design, you won’t see results.

Start with creating your Brand Value System, and work your way up to the key things that matter within your brand.

5 Key Focus Points for Cohesive User Experience

Take a little break, and then come back with fresh eyes and an open mind.

Think of yourself as someone who knows nothing about your brand, your offer, or your products.

Look at these five parts of your company as objectively as possible:

1 – Your website
2 – Your offer (Non Ecom brands) or your ordering experience (For Ecom)
3 – Your ads
4 – Social media & other outward facing content
5 – Physical products and Packaging

Look at two parts side by side and answer these questions:

1 – Is it clear what you sell and who may be interested in buying it?
2 – Is this simple, clean, and easy to understand?
3 – Would the same type of person be interested in these two things?
4 – Would a user be able to identify that these two things came from your brand?

Keep trying this with different combinations of the five items and see what you find.

If you answered no at any point then that would be something to work on.

Cohesion strengthens brand identity, and building your brand identity increases the connection with your users.

Bringing the User Experience Mindset into your workflow when building your brand will only set you up for stronger and more sustainable growth overtime.

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