Building an Optimized Website for Deeply Rooted Ranch

The Goal

To sell a myriad of events and products through the site without forcing people to talk to Sarah or Amy every time.

What We Did

Built the best customer journey and an optimized website for event sales.

The Result

People can purchase directly from the website and events have started selling out!
Building an Optimized Website for Deeply Rooted Ranch
From December 2024, they have repeat customers, daily sales, and their most popular events consistently sell out!

Deeply Rooted Ranch (DRR) has a mission to spark their community towards regenerative agriculture. Not only are they an operational a regenerative farm where their community can buy fresh produce, they offer community events, summer camps, homeschool days, and evening events for adults. You can imagine that they have a lot of moving parts to communicate everything they do AND sell the various things they’re growing and creating. So we stepped in to build them an optimized website.

From Cancelling Events to Selling Out

We believe in the Deeply Rooted Ranch mission of bringing people together, to connect with the planet, and to inspire future generations towards regeneration. They want to host their own events and private events plus sell farm products and create a hub for community. So yeah, making it feel simple is a big job, but we did it!

In the beginning of DRR’s existence they felt like they just needed to get “something up on the site” to try to bring their community together. But they’re running a regenerative farm and an NGO. Do you think they had time to add weekly events to their website and keep them updated? Nope. (And we don’t think they should have to make the time because they’re kinda busy saving the world.)

Most of the events online were outdated and sent people to the ‘contact us’ page. They were finding that people wouldn’t contact them for one-off events. Then, the events that were upcoming were set up in a way that made it feel labor-intensive to attend an event. People don’t want to fill out pages of information to take their kids to see a movie (for example). So they were forced to cancel a lot of their events.

That’s when we came in! From December 2024, they have repeat customers, daily sales, and their most popular events consistently sell out!

How We Built an Optimized Website

This isn’t our first go around with a brand that offers courses, events, and products, so we knew that the biggest obstacle for this website optimization project was making it feel simple to the people they want to call in. So that’s where we started.

We Got to Know the Audience

In this case, we also did the combined holistic marketing strategy with the NGO at their headquarters, so we had a pretty good idea of who their hyper-local audience is. They’re a destination, and a community leader for regenerative agriculture in Central-Texas.

Then We Understand the Business Goal

This is up there for “most important part” of building an optimized website. We have to know what we’re optimizing for. Without that information, we’ve got nothing to anchor to. For us, understanding the business goal is more than just knowing our KPIs – it’s how we build our holistic marketing strategies, what we focus our data analysis on, and how we improve websites and marketing over time.

In this case, the goal was to sell courses and make it easier for DRR to have lots of events that get sales.

Create the Ideal Customer Journey (and Backend Flow)

Once we understand who the people are, and what the goal is, we set about creating the best customer journey for them. We think about how people would likely flow through a website, and how to make it natural for them to make a purchase. We eliminate barriers, like having to reach out to learn more, and we find creative ways to get them everything they need quickly.

For DRR, the site was previously set up with a lot of suggestions for users to navigate to the contact page, and reach out if they wanted to attend an event. The events that were online, had a lot of forms to fill out if they were purchasable. While the DRR team does need waivers for on-site events, we worked to find a work-around to make this easy for the purchaser and the team.

Finally, We Build an Optimized Website

Yep, it takes a little while and a bit of planning to get here. We have found that when we put intention into optimizing a website for the best user experience, audience members know exactly what to do. In 2024, people are very comfortable making online purchases – but they will not deal with poor formatting, ultra-slow load times, or missing information. ie. They’re less forgiving than ever.

So for Deeply Rooted Ranch, we made it easy to see what the upcoming events are and to book them all on one page. Each purchasable event also has a product page for people to get more information and make their purchase directly. We also set up a separate page for private events with a contact form directly on the page so folks can easily contact them to set up their own special ranch event!

Coupling these updates with their holistic marketing strategy has drastically changed how DRR events are received. They’re making connections throughout their community and they’re able reach towards their goals of inspiring the next generation without having to worry about whether their website is working!

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