Brand Building Articles from Dandelion

A sustainability-focused audience doesn’t impulse buy. Which means that typical scarcity-based marketing practices don’t work well for your consumers. That’s why brand building is vital for you business to thrive!

And no, we aren’t just talking about having a nice logo and a set of colors and fonts. You’ve got to build trust – and with an audience like yours, that means on-point messaging, fantastic user experience, the right KPIs, and consistent communication.

Whether your brand building venture is just getting started, or your company is 25 years old and you’re looking for a quick refresh, there is an article here for you.

plants in a line because a systematic thinker likes that

Worker Type: The Tinkerer

You need a problem solver? The Systematic Thinker has you on lock. These people excel at making the plan AND making sure the plan makes the best sense for everyone

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workhorse people love to get their hands dirty and work hard

Worker Type: The Workhorse

The workhorse makes a difference in a company every single day. They’re dependable, task focused, and when they’re stable they want to do a good job.

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