China Rose Wellness Website Refresh Case Study


The China Rose Wellness website was outdated and needed a refresh so they could elevate their services.

The Website Update Solution:

We brought the China Rose Wellness website into the 21st century with an art nouveau-inspired twist to match their branding.


Peace of mind, the ability to create products, and excitement to send new and potential clients to their website.
"You helped us represent our heart-led business in a warm and clear way! We are finally PROUD to send people to our beautiful website and we couldn't be more grateful!" - CRW

We did a website refresh with China Rose Wellness in 2021 and it has been serving them well ever since! The site hadn’t seen an update since 2016 – so although they had fantastic articles and wonderful offerings, the website didn’t do justice to their incredible work with women’s health. In this website update case study, you’ll see how we think when it comes to creating a new website.

Why the Website Update was Necessary for China Rose Wellness

We are honored that China Rose and AJ trusted us to bring their art nouveau meets 21st century plant healer inspired website to life! But it wasn’t just the outdated looks that called the CRW team to contact us and update their website.

1 – The CRW site wasn’t serving them

Even though the CRW team, China Rose and AJ, were building a vibrant business full of healing and community, they weren’t using their website at all. It wasn’t calling in the ideal clients they deserve and they didn’t feel proud to share the website with the people they met along their travels. In addition to having a place to send potential clients and share upcoming events, China Rose and AJ wanted to showcase their current offers and be able to release new products (like the free spirit elixir for mocktails – yum!) through the site.

2 – The site didn’t function properly

The CRW site also wasn’t functioning very well. Because it was outdated, the CRW team weren’t able to make updates simply or with confidence. It’s very important to us that the folks we work with can take over their website after an update. So we spent time making absolutely sure that China Rose and AJ knew how to do everything from using their page builder to creating a new product.

Our Website Update Method

Together with the CRW team, we organized the pages that the team needed. Then we helped craft a user experience flow through the site that makes sense for the women that seek them out for help. After that we started crafting new messaging around their offerings, their story, and their mission to help women create real wellness!

The site was functioning slowly and their emails weren’t always reaching them. We identified it as an issue with their server, and worked closely with their old server team to migrate them onto a green-energy server. We use Siteground for this. Then, because we were recreating the whole website and we didn’t want any down time for their current site or their email list, we created a staging site for them and recreated their business emails.

Once we had the basic site plan and the messaging in place, we got to work on building each of the pages. One of our favorite pages we have ever built for a client is the Women’s Health Page on the CRW website. It connects their offerings with the phases of the moon to help show the spirit of their work!

At the end of our working time together, we helped the CRW team learn how to use their website so that they can add events, new products, and blog articles!

You can see the website and learn more about China Rose Wellness:

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China Rose Wellness previous website home page
Their previous website home page
China Rose Wellness New Homepage Website Refresh
New Website Homepage
China Rose Wellness Moon Cycles Page
New Women’s Health Moon Cycles Page