Dandelion Branding’s 2024 Goals

Dandelion Branding is coming up on our 5 year anniversary as a business. Over that time, we’ve had our fair share of successes, failures, and learned lessons. For 2023, we made some big investments, launched several new offers, and really honed in on our areas of expertise as an agency. Our 2024 goals are looking to be even bigger and we’re so thrilled to share our plans with you!

Strategic Improvements on Current Efforts

Each year we have a meeting to go over our past goals, and current marketing efforts. We make note of what we enjoy doing and what we could potentially improve or change.

Two of our 2024 goals are specific improvements to our current marketing efforts. Because we operate holistically, that means we try to limit the number of projects we’re focused on at once. We also don’t make decisions on a whim. We wait to analyze real data and then make strategic choices we think we steer that particular marketing effort towards growth. This means we are constantly working to ensure the marketing initiatives we put into the world are truly valuable and effective for our audience.

With that goal in mind, we identified two parts of our business that we really wanted to improve this year.

Upgrades to our Podcast

We’ve been running our podcast, EnvironMental with Dandelion for around 3 years. Over this time we’ve been recording and editing this content on our own, with editing skills learned through Youtube. To say the least, it has been operating at an MVP (minimum viable product) level since the beginning. We want to grow the podcast and expand its reach so the incredible and inspiring sustainable changemakers get all the kudos they deserve.

So this year we’ve invested in higher quality audio and video recording software as well as a podcast production agency to help edit our episodes!

New Structure for our Social Hours

Each month we host a Social Hour, these differ in topic but are always connected to a holistic marketing practice in some way. Previously we treated these social hours as a time for openly chatting with other likeminded business owners. Folks could pop in, ask us questions, and get direct feedback about their business.

We’ve loved chatting with everyone who has shown up but we felt like the conversations tended to disproportionately benefit the folks who were speaking up. This left the other attendees who may not have felt as open to sharing with less value than ideal.

So we’ll be changing up the structure of these social hours to include more of a webinar style presentation at first, and then offer a focused Q& A session at the end. We hope that this will ensure every attendee will leave with valuable insights even if they were unable to share directly during the session.

Holistic Marketing Course Launch

Another 2024 goal for us is to launch our Holistic Marketing Training Course. We want to work directly with other marketers who are interested in building sustainable and holistic marketing structures.

A few years ago we launched a digital course that was aimed towards new business owners. We absolutely loved the content of this course but didn’t feel like that particular audience was the right fit. We’re marketers, and the holistic system we’ve developed can be best implemented by other marketers. So stay tuned for more information later this year about our Holistic Marketing Course!

Quantify Our Carbon Footprint

Lastly, we want to stay focused on our environmental sustainability. We want to start the process of calculating our exact carbon footprint as a business. This information will help us to ensure we’re doing enough to offset those emissions. We currently donate monthly to Forest Conservation Fund, and offer in-kind donations to environmental nonprofits but we know there is always more we could be doing to lessen our impact on the planet, so we hope to really nail that down this year!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds! Let’s get your year planned ❤️ Schedule a call with us here!

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