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Marketing Best Practices

Marketing Best Practices: SEO

The people that are touting the end of SEO are the same gurus that are building your entire strategy using uncontrollable ad networks. If you’re focused on niche authority with your strategy, spending a little extra time on your search optimization is a no brainer.

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this Sunflower is the beautiful leader of all the sunflowers in the workplace
Brand Building Articles from Dandelion

Worker Type: The Leader

These are the people that the team asks for help or guidance. They have their finger on the pulse of the company.

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plants in a line because a systematic thinker likes that
Brand Building Articles from Dandelion

Worker Type: The Tinkerer

You need a problem solver? The Systematic Thinker has you on lock. These people excel at making the plan AND making sure the plan makes the best sense for everyone on the team.

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