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Key Terms Defined

What is a Taproot Strategy?

Taproots are big, fat content machines that make their own damn energy. Here’s three steps you need to create a Taproot Marketing Strategy for your brand.

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conversion defined
Key Terms Defined

What is Conversion?

“conversion” is a nebulous term so we decided to define it – and tell you why it’s important.

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Key Terms Defined

Considering Opportunity Cost For Business Decision Making

You don’t operate in a void. Every decision you make has an effect and those potential outcomes are positive or negative. Look at the opportunity cost, but be confident in your decision making and problem solving skills to know that you can handle whatever happens.

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Woman in plaza shopping because she is the ideal customer
Brand Building

Capture Buyer Intent By Creating Your Ideal Customer

Building this “avatar” as a representation of your ideal customer helps guide you to creating relatable and engaging content for that person. Creating this avatar is a tool that enables you to envision speaking to a real person through your marketing initiatives.

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