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keys on a wooden wall to indicate the key sales metrics

Metrics that Matter: Key Sales Metrics

There are an endless amount of sales metrics you can track, but here are the top 13 key performance indicators for sales. Growth, conversion rate, AOV, Sales Cycle, ROI, repeat customer rate, campaign performance, coupon codes used, churn rate, target, CAC, LTV, P&L

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Email Marketing Metrics

Email Marketing Metrics that Matter

If you’re aren’t tracking these ten email marketing metrics, you should start now: open rate, click rate, revenue, deliverability, subject line, testing, percent mobile, percent unsubscribed…

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All about Kitchen Niche for Selling Products

Niche Spotlight: Kitchen

Here’s how to target the kitchen niche. Whether you’re dropshipping kitchen products, handcrafting pots, or private labeling the best kitchen implements.

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