Embracing Sustainability & Fun: Brand Identity Insights from Maxim Gelmann, Founder of Stroodles

Maxim Gelmann, Chief Stroodler, talks about the importance of brand identity on EnvironMental with Dandelion

“I’m not building a product business. I’m building a brand. And it’s about showing and inspiring people how easy and fun sustainability can be.”

Maxim Gelmann, Founder of Stroodles on brand identity

In this episode of EnvironMental with Dandelion podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting with Maxim Gelmann, the founder and chief Stroodler of Stroodles.

Stroodles is a company that stands out in the sustainability sector because they make their eco-friendly products fun! From pasta straws to edible cups, Stroodles is revolutionizing the way we think about sustainable living while putting a smile on our faces.

We found this conversation insightful because while it seems like Stroodles is all about fun and Wonka-esque table settings, Maxim comes to the conversation showcasing his passion for sustainable change. Stroodles is an example of building a brand identity around normalizing sustainability in a way that speaks to a mainstream audience!

Building a Strong Brand Identity

One of the standout aspects of Stroodles is its strong brand identity. The company’s focus on fun and creativity sets it apart in the sustainability sector. And indeed, in our conversation Maxim emphasizes the importance of building a brand rather than just a product business.

They go above and beyond to create a memorable brand identity that resonates with consumers. This builds trust into their brand, and makes them totally unforgettable. Because Stroodles is so likeable, people are more likely to listen to their sustainability message.

Now, we don’t think that every sustainability brand needs to be brightly colored and boast a top-hatted pasta man for a mascot. (It’s been done anyways) but we do think that infusing creativity and experience into products make them more interesting.

Having a ‘gimmick’ can help build a brand identity that sticks with people long term. It creates a word-of-mouth generator, which is the most powerful marketing tool out there.

Get Great Collaborations

Because their brand identity is built on out-of-the-box marketing and super fun vibes, other businesses have jumped at the chance to work with Stroodles. And these collaborations have been instrumental in their success. By partnering with like-minded companies, Stroodles has been able to expand its product line and reach a wider audience.

“Collaborating with other people means someone knows things better. And then for me, I just build a brand. And that’s the whole idea from the beginning. I’m just finding ways to leverage it within areas of expertise of other people.”

Maxim Gelmann

From his standpoint, Stroodles has the audience, and he can leverage the brilliance of other folks and help them bring their fun and interesting sustainability solutions to the table. It helps diversify their revenue while upholding their mission of sustainable accessibility.

That’s why we’re big fans of collaborations! We strongly believe that we can’t change the planet on our own. When businesses that share the same values work together to create something new, it combines networks, building more trust and a stronger market presence for BOTH brands.

If you haven’t heard about the Co-Impact Collective, Click Here. The Co-Impact Collective is a community built around collaborations, partnerships, education, and impact!

Step one: Brand Identity. Step Two: a Household Brand

Maxim envisions Stroodles as a household brand associated with sustainability and fun. The goal is to create interconnected products that complement each other and contribute to the overall mission of promoting sustainable living.

We LOVE it.

This kind of thinking is what builds the pillars of success into a business from the start. As a marketing agency we will be the first to tell you that a great product is important, but creating  BRAND is how you get noticed and retain your customers.

And that can be an ugly reality. There are a lot of incredible businesses out there that don’t tell their story or build a solid identity to rely on over time, and those businesses struggle to maintain their audiences.

Our advice – and Maxim would agree – treat both your sellable product and your brand identity as equally important aspects of your business. Your product will sell if your identity is loved – and your identity will be a legacy when your product is top notch.

Want to Collab with the Chief Stroodler Himself?

You can find him in all the usual places:

The website: https://stroodles.co.uk/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/stroodles/

Maxim on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/maximgelmann/
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