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“This is really shifting from a nice to have for businesses to a must have.” – Gillian Pereira about sustainability literacy and doing business for good.

In this episode of EnvironMental, you’ll catch us chatting with Gillian Pereira – the lead researcher over at The Business Pickle – about her findings when it comes to sustainability literacy, corporate responsibility, and making roadmaps for sustainable change.

For us, being part of a community of people that are focused on adding good to the world with our business felt like a no-brainer from the start. The Business Pickle shares that sentiment so we felt a connection with Gillian right away.

How to do Business for Good with Gillian Pereira

As with all things sustainability there is no single avenue to doing great work within a company. There are hundreds of social and environmental shifts we can make throughout our world and we are really just getting started. That’s why instead of creating any one list full of general ideas for corporate responsibility, Gillian and her team research very specific topics and release information on them seasonally.

The two pronged approach

What we love about the Business Pickle is that they focus on getting real facts and figures first hand in addition to working with secondary research.

What does that mean? It means that Gillian reads A LOT. When a new topic comes across her desk, she looks at the current research papers on the topic. She also looks at what people are talking about, what gaps there are between the current rhetoric and the actual figures, and what the current suggestions are for businesses to take that aspect of sustainability into their own hands.

But that isn’t everything. Gillian and the Business Pickle team also do their own research! They put themselves on the front lines to pull in experts, talk to businesses about their realities, gather global perspectives and look at trends. Then they take the most relevant and helpful information and turn it into accessible information that anyone can learn from.

The research reports they release are full of case studies, helpful information, and unique suggestions for how businesses can make a real difference.

Season 1 of the Business Pickle’s Research

As of this writing, “season one” was just released – and it’s a big one. The team shared detailed information about:

  • Packaging
  • Food waste
  • Corporate giving

You can download these .pdfs straight from the Business Pickle website for free!

What’s coming next?

While you’re there, jump into their email list so that you’ll get updates on their season two topic releases:

  • Carbon reduction
  • The environmental impact of fashion
  • Sustainable and accessible housing.

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