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This is the first podcast of our fashion industry sustainability topic.

In this episode, we’re feeling a little frustrated. We’ve been talking about, learning, and working within the sustainability sector for a over a year on the EnvironMental Podcast. And the issues with fast fashion are inescapable!

Especially right now, it seems like everywhere we turn there’s a new finding or data point or study talking about the impact of the fashion industry on our planet.

But actually – it turns out that a lot of those sound bites are from out-of-context sources. And it is very hard to find real, clear data around fast fashion and the impact it has. This is partially due to the intentionally opaque nature of the industry, the massive scale on which fashion is produced, and how intertwined this industry is with a lot of the other polluters on the planet.

Throughout the conversation, we decided that for this topic, we want to break down the supply chain and dive into each part of the industry to understand it better!

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