Cano Water: Canning Plastic Pollution and Uncapping Conservation, One Sip at a Time

Josh White, co-founder of Cano Water Talks about Plastic Pollution and the dirt in the food industry on EnvironMental Podcast

“I believe solely that we’re on the right side of history. I’d hate to be one of the plastic producers at the moment.”

Josh White, Co-founder of Cano Water, on Plastic Pollution

In our latest episode of EnvironMental with Dandelion, we had the incredible opportunity to explore the intersection of commerce and conservation with Josh White, the innovative co-founder of Cano Water.

Josh shared his profound insights on how businesses can be a force for good in the fight against plastic pollution. His commitment to this cause is not only inspiring but also a powerful reminder of the role that entrepreneurs can play in shaping a greener future.

Join us as we unpack the enlightening conversation we had with Josh. Plus discover how Cano Water is charting a course towards a more sustainable business landscape.

Cano Water’s Mission to Combat Plastic Pollution

The story of Cano Water began with a stark realization. During a trip to Thailand, Josh and his co-founders were confronted with the harsh reality of plastic pollution on a remote island. This eye-opening experience sparked a quest for alternative packaging solutions. 

As Josh recounted the origins of Cano Water, the mission became clear. They want to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and to play a part in preserving the environment for future generations. As Josh put it, the desire to see his children grow up in a world free from the scourge of plastic waste is a driving force behind the brand.

Navigating the Challenges of Introducing Sustainable Products

Although aluminum is the current the hero of circular design, with its impressive recyclability and minimal ecological footprint, introducing canned water to the market was no easy feat. Josh spoke candidly about the hurdles they faced, from consumer unfamiliarity to the extra cost that comes with using aluminum.

Bringing Sustainability to the Mainstream

We always talk about the importance of education to help make the sustainability conversation mainstream. Talking to Josh was no different. He told us how the influence of renowned naturalist David Attenborough made a huge difference for sustainable businesses (including Cano Water). His work in raising awareness about the environmental crisis has been instrumental in fostering a collective consciousness geared towards sustainability.

The Financial Viability of Sustainable Solutions

“The truth is, it costs a lot more to make cans than plastic. It’s like this tug of war, always trying to be great but also facing this tug as well.”

– Josh White, Co-founder of Cano Water, on the Cost of Sustainability in Business

One of the most pressing topics we discussed was the balance between sustainability and financial viability. Josh was forthright about the difficulties of prioritizing eco-friendly practices while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Yet, he emphasized the importance of pushing forward with sustainable solutions, despite the associated costs.

We also talked about the need for supportive infrastructure and the potential impact of warning labels on products. These measures could significantly raise awareness about the environmental consequences of consumer choices.

Disruptive Marketing: Humor and Creativity in the Fight Against Plastic Pollution

And talking about using influence to grow environmental interest, Cano Water’s approach to marketing is as refreshing as the water they sell! Josh shared how they’ve employed a mix of disruption and humor to capture the public’s attention. From distributing flyers to crafting witty campaigns, Cano Water has harnessed the power of humor to engage consumers in a dialogue about sustainability.

“We’re proud of our disruptive mentality. We’ve done things like posting flyers over London, saying ‘Cans over plastic,’ to make people aware. You have to make noise to be heard.”

– Josh White, Co-founder of Cano Water, on Plastic Pollution

In a market dominated by giants, smaller companies with a focus on sustainability must be bold and innovative to capture attention.

The key takeaways from our conversation—embracing challenges, prioritizing sustainability over short-term gains, and leveraging creativity—paint a hopeful picture of the future of business.

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