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Kumar - EnvironMental Dandelion on Small Business Impact

“Small businesses contribute almost half the GDP of any nation, including the US, and they employ almost half of the people. So if small businesses are not actively participating, if they are not equally involved, there is a gap.”

Kumar Vijayendra on small business impact (paraphrase)

In this episode of EnvironMental Podcast, we welcomed Kumar Vijayendra, author, speaker, and entrepreneur, to the show. Kumar is on a mission to help small businesses improve their sustainability. We talked a lot about the small business impact on the transition to a sustainable future in this episode because both Kumar and Dandelion feel that helping small businesses transition is vital for our future.

The Small Business Impact

So much of the conversations in sustainability are around transforming the giant businesses. We’re all for that – but that isn’t our role. And it isn’t Kumar’s either.

And that makes sense.

We talked about the importance of decoupling GDP and economic growth as a policy objective when we talked about Degrowth with Pinar Akiskalioglu. Those opinions still stand true for us. But Kumar made a really interesting point using GDP as an example.

He really got the point across that small businesses contribute HALF of the GDP for any nation. That’s half the jobs, half the money, and at least half the people.

To give that some extra thought: Major companies invest in bureaucracy and a turnstile of middle management for their staff (read: all responsibility, no power) while small businesses tend to have few employees that each play a role in decision making for the company. And, it can take hundreds (or thousands) of small businesses to make the revenue of a single multi-national.

Which means the “small business half of the GDP” has a much higher percentage of decision makers. We’re talking thousands of decisions makers versus a handful.

When it comes to the transition to a more sustainable future, getting the thousands of decision makers on the same page is where the transition is going to take off.

Sustainability at the Core of Business

And what does that small business impact transition look like? We all agreed that it looks like centering small business around the sustainable future you want to be part of.

This is going to be different for every brand, of course, so Kumar introduces the concept of the “four Ps” (people, planet, profit, and purpose) to his clients as a framework for evaluating strategic business decisions. He emphasizes the importance of aligning business practices with a larger purpose and mission to create a positive impact on the planet.

He wants to encourage as many people as possible to think about the 4P’s so he just released his book, The Sustainable Entrepreneur, which you can find here.
But if you want to connect with him to chat about your business’s journey to sustainability, you can reach him through his website or find him on LinkedIn.

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