Education for a Sustainable Future with Christian Rebernik

Christian Rebernik, CEO of Tomorrow University talks about sustainability education to empower the world's changemakers to solve climate change.

“A university is really a community, a home for this kind of exchange on knowledge, and it provides directions on what really matters.” 

– Christian Rebernik talking about Tomorrow University and Sustainability Education

In this episode of EnvironMental with Dandelion, we had a thought-provoking conversation with Christian Rebernik! He is the visionary co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow University. Tomorrow University is an accredited, online education platform dedicated to growing a global community of changemakers!

This conversation delves into the critical intersection of sustainability, business, and education, along with the transformative role that Tomorrow University plays in shaping a more sustainable future.

Why Tomorrow University

Christian’s journey to establishing Tomorrow University was fueled by a passion for creating meaningful change.

He shared with us the compelling story behind the university’s inception. It was driven by the urgent need for a sustainable society and the cultivation of empowered, educated changemakers. 

“We learn from the student what works, what doesn’t, and then we optimize every class to ensure that every class a student takes is really helpful and contributing to their journey.”

– Christian Rebernik

We spent some time reflecting on our own higher education. It is so different to hear about a sustainability education program that is not just tailored to its students’ interests, but their life’s mission. It’s awe-inspiring.

Sustainability Education: The Pathway to a New Paradigm

How different would your life be if your school had regular check-ins about whether you feel like you’re living up to your values?

This is the norm at Tomorrow University because their work isn’t just dedicated to acquiring new skills. It’s centered on guiding students to discover their purpose, hone their competencies, and build influential networks. Through the regular check-ins and workshops, students are also encouraged to actively contribute to societal betterment.

This way of working allows the university to personalize the sustainability education curriculum for each student while keeping it grounded in data science and mastery learning. This way, students are able to explore subjects like technology revolutions through the lens of personal impact. They foster a deeper understanding and connection to societal issues because the issues become more relatable. It also offers the space for students to come up with unique solutions. And then to build incredible businesses around those solutions. (WOW!)

Creating Changemakers Makes Better Businesses

It didn’t take long for our conversation to shift to the opportunity that businesses have to be the driving force behind the sustainability transition. Christian beautifully articulated how sustainability is not merely a cost factor but a strategic element for business longevity and growth. This perspective resonates deeply with us, as one of the core beliefs behind our work at Dandelion.

“It’s so important, I think also when it talks to organizations, that they are aware of what we see as a trend is that people just don’t want to have only a job; they want to have an employer and actually the organization they’re working for which matches with their values and their purpose.”

– Christian Rebernik

The beauty behind shifting business ideologies starting with education is that it effortlessly places sustainability at the core of business. Right now we’re living in a world where every part of our society’s norms, values, and infrastructure has to change if we want to mitigate the impact of climate change. And if we continue to teach today’s status quo, we will continue to think of sustainability as a retroactive decision.

Tomorrow University gets people thinking about their impact, and their business’s impact, before they ever start creating. We talked about how powerful this is with Kumar Vijayendra. We see this topic, of building sustainability into the core of a business, as an incredible vehicle for mass change!

Become Part of the Sustainability Education Movement

If you’re inspired by our talk with Christian and you’re eager to learn more about Tomorrow University, here’s how to connect:

The university’s commitment to community, collaboration, and accessibility, including offering scholarships, is a testament to their dedication to empowering a new generation of leaders.

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