Creating a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

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Let’s talk about content strategy for marketing.

Every brand owner knows you have to have social media, email marketing is cool, you should probably write blog posts, etc. But those are often separate ideas.

We don’t operate that way.

For us, the best, most efficient way, and the way that gets the most results, is through building and executing a holistic content marketing strategy.

What is a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy?

Building something holistically means that you create something with the idea that its whole is more than the sum of its parts.

So, a holistic content marketing strategy takes a brand’s whole marketing structure into consideration, not just their individual campaigns or platforms.

A holistic marketing plan connects each of the platforms that you use together and creates consistency throughout your marketing. It works best when a brand is focused on content marketing because it allows you to broaden your web of influence over time.

Do you need it?

I mean. You don’t NEED anything.

But the brands we work with, that operate the best, build the most loyal fans, and have the most longevity, operate with a holistic marketing strategy for their content.


Our 6 Steps to Creating a Holistic Content Marketing Strategy

1 – know your audience

A good content strategy starts with knowing who you’re talking to.

There are subtle differences between audiences, even within the sustainability niche, that can make or break your engagement and trust.

It’s easy to think of your audience as a whole bunch of people, but they’re all individual folks. Each one should feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

2 – pillar content

Arguably the most important type of marketing for brands that want to build audiences based on trust is content marketing.

For content marketing, you need content on your website to direct people to.

Stand alone blog posts, or embedded video posts (into your site’s blog post function) with a description that’s more than 300 words is the best way to keep your site fresh. It also gives you the opportunity to optimize your content for SEO.

3 – social media

Once you nail down your audience and the main part of the content you want living on your site, turn your eyes on your social media platforms. What do you want to communicate there?

Go back to your audience and take a look at what you think will keep them coming back over and over again. Get yourself a scheduler, figure out your timing, and get posting. Remember: more isn’t always better.

4 – email marketing

Confession time: email marketing is my first love when it comes to content strategy and marketing. It is one of the MOST POWERFUL tools in your marketing tool box, and it’s vital to building a holistic content strategy.

Email is where you can talk to your real fans, your loyal customers, and you get a cross section of all your audiences. And you can automate your introduction with information about your brand values so that your customers know exactly what to expect from you.  

5 – finally create your holistic content marketing strategy

When you’re creating a HOLISTIC content strategy for marketing your brand, there’s an extra step. It’s easy to view every piece of content or platform as a separate piece of gold – and they should have enough info to stand alone, sure. But lonely platforms aren’t where the money is when it comes to content marketing. Make sure that you’re talking consistently across all your platforms.

6 – data

We operate using sustainable content marketing strategies. That means data is arguably our most important tool. Because remember: a good content strategy starts with knowing who you’re talking to.

Your data tells you everything you need to know, as long as you know how to use it.

Learn How to Make Your Own Content Marketing Strategy!

If this feels like a lot, don’t worry. It always does in the beginning.

We can help you understand your brand, your audience, and your content strategy better in six weeks with our Content Marketing Method Course. You will learn our holistic strategy creation method from start to finish.

Because we specialize in speaking to a brand’s ideal audience with every piece of content,

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