Top Indicators That You Need a Holistic Marketing Strategy

If you’re a business owner or marketer, then it’s likely you’ve felt one or more of these throughout that journey! Here are some of the top indicators that your business is in need of a Holistic Marketing Strategy.

What is a Holistic Marketing Strategy?

A Holistic Marketing Strategy is a 6-8 week project that brings clarity to business owners through detailed audience insights, instructions for how and where to communicate with your audiences, website optimization and SEO guidance, email marketing analysis and bespoke feedback as needed.

This project delivers 5 main documents; The Brand & Audience Overview, Holistic Marketing Strategy, Social Post Index, SEO Keywords, and Content Calendar.

Struggles with Decision Making

When you’re unsure how to best market your business it’s tough to know what will work and what to focus on.

Seeking Ideas & Inspiration at Random

Taking inspiration from different people or randomly trying out new ideas may give you the opportunity to “test” out a bunch of different styles and messages with your audience, but it’s not going to give you accurate enough data to definitively know what may have worked and why. Operating your marketing in this way can lead to burn out as well since you’re always trying to come up with new ideas from scratch.

Making Decisions on a Whim

Social media moves quickly so it’s easy to lose sight of the real goals for why your business is creating content.

If you’re regularly trying out different marketing methods too quickly, you might not be giving your audience enough time to adjust to changes. This means you may be making decisions about what works or doesn’t work too quickly.

Personal Preferences & Trusting Your Gut

Choosing based on personal preferences will likely not get you the best results.

Your feelings may not connect with how your audience may feel. Though trusting your gut and following your intuition are important, when making business decisions there is often more that should be considered. It’s much safer to make decisions based on audience data, checking for any assumptions you might be making, and ensuring no personal biases may impact your plans.

Trouble with Follow Through

If you’re struggling to implement your current plans it could be due to a lack of a standard process. When you’re regularly creating content it becomes second nature, and you can start to trust the process. Without this structure it’s easy to slip into over communicating AND under communicating.

Having a more concrete structure to work within can reduce a lot of the pressure since you know your marketing will be continuous. Holistic marketing allows you to trust the process.

The Unknowns

When you think of your marketing and there are more questions than answers, it’s time for a strategy.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is one of the most important metrics in your marketing. One of the main reasons businesses create content is to drive traffic to their website. Your website is where your audience can engage further with your business and connect in a more meaningful way. If you don’t know where your website traffic is coming you won’t know where to focus your attention. This also likely means you’re not focused on optimizing for search engines either, which is a missed opportunity for any business operating online.

Audience Distinctions

Do you know who you’re speaking to? If you’ve yet to define your audiences then how will you know if your marketing is working? Not knowing the intricacies of your audiences means you could be making the wrong decisions about your data. If you’re not cultivating the right audience for your business, your marketing may be great, but your ideal audience won’t see it! If you’re making decisions based on how this audience feels about your content, you could be making the wrong call on what works or not.

All of these indicators are incredibly normal to feel at some point throughout your business journey, but they don’t have to be felt forever. We’re here to help bring that clarity and direction to your marketing with a Holistic Marketing Strategy ❤️ Schedule a call with us here!

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