Kitara Custom Landing Page Case Study


Kit, the founder of Kitara, wanted a sales page that can be duplicated for individual affiliate promotions.


Building a main landing page that speaks directly about the product, gives relevant FAQs, introduces the Kitara brand, and feels personal enough for the affiliate to be able to add their unique testimonials.


Kit can easily build new landing pages for her individual affiliates so that their audiences can connect more easily.
Kitara Landing Page Case Study
First, we understand the audience.
Then, we build the landing page around the goal.
Finally, we optimize.

We had the privilege to work with Kit, the founder of Kitara, in 2019. She was setting up her affiliate program and wanted a landing page that would be easy to individualize. In this landing page example case study, you’ll see how we think about optimizing for audience members along with how we create versatile landing pages to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Kitara’s Landing Page Goal

To introduce Kitara to new potential customers

This landing page gives an overview of Kitara for potential customers. Yoni steaming is an ancient practice. It is simple to perform, but it can be a challenge to understand. There are a lot of health benefits for women, but they need to be careful about herbs, the time of the month, and preexisting conditions – so it is vital that the landing page shared important information.

To focus the audience

Landing pages are great ways to get an audience to focus on the product. Notice in the images below that we removed the navigation menu. We wanted this page to be a funnel so we only added buttons and links on the page that lead to an action we want the audience to take.

To help Kit attract affiliates

We built this landing page to be versatile enough that Kit can use it to attract new customers and new affiliates. The page has a built in space for a testimonial that can be easily changed. This allows for the page to be duplicated for affiliates that bring in a high volume of traffic.

Our Method: Kitara Landing Page Example

First, we understand the audience – who are they and what is their motivation to buy the product? What questions do they have?

Then, we look at the goal. In this case, the goals were based around versatility. Obviously sales is a main goal of any product landing page, but we also want influencers to be so impressed with the page that they’re proud to share it with their audience. And finally, we needed the page to be simple to duplicate and update with unique testimonials.

It isn’t efficient to immediately create several pages with different functions. We started with a single, main page and then optimized it for the Kitara audience using Hot Jar and sales analytics. Once we saw the conversion rate on the page hit our benchmarks, we duplicated the page for the first unique affiliate!

Landing Page Example

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