Leap Loves Green Marketing Strategy Case Study


Hind decided to double down on her dedication to making sustainable period products more accessible. She wanted to update her whole brand vibe to align it with her major goals!


We created an audience-first holistic marketing strategy to help align the new Leap brand vibe. The strategy is centered around building trust with audience members new and old. We defined new voice guidelines for Leap and included several news ways to communicate with audiences.


With her marketing strategy in hand, Hind had the confidence to move forward with her big plans. In 2022, she had to move into a warehouse!
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To create a successful holistic marketing strategy, we create audience-centric capture and retention plans.

When Hind found us, she was having a common experience: Leap had repeat customers because the products are spectacular – but the brand’s vibe wasn’t capturing new customers or sharing the ease Hind strives to bring to period care and sustainability. Leap Loves Green was in the middle of visual rebrand – which is the perfect moment for a holistic marketing strategy update. In this marketing strategy case study, you will get an idea of how we make strategy decisions for the folks we work with.

Why We Chose Whatsapp Marketing for Leap’s Strategy

As heart-centered, holistic marketers, we very rarely recommend texting within a strategy. Put simply: it’s annoying. However, when it comes to this marketing strategy case study, we were quick to jump on the creation of a WhatsApp community group.

WhatsApp Marketing is Popular in Kuwait

WhatsApp marketing isn’t for every brand, but Leap Loves Green is based in Kuwait and is uniquely dedicated to their regional customers. Text-based and WhatsApp retention strategies were common and more accepted in Middle Eastern countries in 2021 than other retention strategies like email marketing.

You Can Add a Catalog of Products

WhatsApp for Business gives you the option to add a catalog of products to your account. This makes it very easy for community members to see product information and place orders from their phone.

It’s the Perfect Place to Build a Supportive Community

Hind doesn’t just want to sell products. She is dedicated to creating real connection with her community through the platform that Leap Loves Green offers. Building a text-based community offers direct access for both Leap’s community and Hind herself. This could be used as a powerful customer survey tool!

Holistic Marketing Strategy Case Study: How We Create

Audience First.

In every strategy we create, the audience comes first. Every single time. Why? They’re the only people that matter for a business to be successful. We make detailed audience profiles that include everything from how they think about sustainability to how they relate to their friends and money. We offer clear guidelines on how to sell and create content for them.

The Retention Plan.

While Leap Loves Green didn’t have a retention problem, we never create a strategy without thinking about retention first. Repeat customers are easier to convert and easier to communicate with than new potential subscribers.

How to Capture.

We also create a strategy and a plan around how to capture new audience members with content marketing. These plans include potential SEO Keywords, content focal points, and a repeatable content calendar that includes social media and the retention plan. Our holistic strategies also include what we call a “social post index.” These are detailed outlines of content types for every social media platform that an ideal audience member is on.

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