Look Funded to Get Funded: Audience Centered Approach to UX Web Design

We work with businesses that are dedicated to the sustainable transition – so sometimes we speak to folks with really innovative solutions who are working to bring new sustainable tech into the old legacy industries (like construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas). We find this type of client to be really interesting because they’re working to change these industries from the inside, and help to reduce or reuse waste, and improve their overall environmental impacts. Which is a vital step in the transition to a more sustainable world.

One thing all these folks have in common? They are all trying to optimize for one audience. Investors.

We see this so frequently at this point, we basically have a new catchphrase to describe the situation they’re in…

You gotta look funded to get funded.

It really is true. Optimizing your site with clear brand messaging, an intuitive structure, and well branded design can significantly enhance your chances of attracting potential investors and getting funding. Optimizing your website with your audiences in mind is key.

How We Approach UX Web Design

If you may be new around here, it’s important to know that we always approach digital marketing holistically.

For us, that means when we approach redesigning a brand’s website we, first and foremost, think about the audience and the user’s experience.

Who will be using the site? What do they want/expect to get out of it? What are the goals of the brand for that audience?

Then we consider the product or service the brand is selling. What is the best way to position that product for the audience? How can we infuse brand’s values and their goals into how that product or offer is positioned?

Really focusing in on the journey and full experience of your ideal audience ensures your site will resonate and help them learn more about you and your business.


No matter your audience, when we’re working on a website, Accessibility is another area of UX Web Design that we focus on with clients.

We look at WCAG( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) criteria like color contrast ratio, proper structural formatting, accessible text formatting, and alt text on images.

Website accessibility is important to always consider. There are definitely design features that we come across that leave vision or hearing impaired users with less information than those who are able-bodied. Things like putting necessary product information on images rather than in the description. Having details in video form rather than written out on the site will also limit who can interact with that information.

So we always want to be sure our clients are never alienating or unknowingly excluding anyone from their website.

User Friendly Web Design – But Make it Sustainable

On a similar note, we not only want to ensure our website is widely user friendly we also want to be sure it’s environmentally friendly.

Sustainability is always an added layer and a real focal point to our work. Everything online, every google search and page load comes with its own digital carbon footprint.

So the efficient use of site pages, content, and imagery are very important for us in our projects.

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