Session 5 - business analytics

Make Better Choices Using Your Business Analytics!

In this Business Analytics Course, you will learn how to understand your brand analytics, what you can do with your data insights, and why analytics in marketing are so important.

Does it feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants while other brands always seem one step ahead?

How do they know what works for their brand so effortlessly?

Aren’t we all just following our gut and chasing blind intuition?

The answer is: No. 

Brands that collect their business analytics and regularly report on their google analytics, social media insights, email analytics, and sales data understand what works the best for their brand.

When you know what works best, you know what to do more of. Simple.

We know that most brand owners will say that “data” and “analytics” feel like confusing statistics with lots of ifs, ands, and whaaats?

But that’s fear talking.

Data is straightforward and it’s powerful.

Join this session of the Bloom Your Brand Course and we’ll help you gain insightful visibility into your business analytics so you can optimize your brand for growth.

Your Brand is on Fire

You’ve got a beautiful website and a clear vision laid out for your brand.

You’re pushing out content left and right

Your email leads are rolling in from your landing pages (yasss!)

You’re growing… but

is there more you could be doing?

You know sales are up but you don’t know how or where they are coming from.

You’re sending emails, but you’re not sure if your campaigns are hitting home or if there is something you could be doing better.

Is all the work you’re doing actually driving more traffic to your website?

Sounds like you need to learn how to collect and analyze your brand data.

In this course session, we’re going to teach you exactly how to use your business analytics to help you make decisions to improve your brand’s sales, loyalty, and traffic.


You will make informed decisions for the future of your brand

You will finally add analytics into your growth strategy

You will create the structure for consistent data reporting

You will optimize your brand using data insights

We’re here to help you understand your business analytics. We love data and you’ll see why in this course session!

This in depth course walks you step by step through

  • Analyzing your business data
  • Reading your traffic data in Google Analytics
  • Knowing what social media insights to watch
  • Understanding your email analytics

Use your brand analytics to optimize your output and grow your business

Get clear on what works best for your audience

Look for trends in your marketing so you can get a step ahead.

What You Get

By the end of this session, you will have a fully functioning reporting system set up for your brand.

You will understand the entire data collection process and what to look for so that you never have to fly by the seat of your pants in business again. 

What You Can Expect to Learn in this Session

About Your Business Analytics

Why this is important

How to set up your reporting system

How to think about your data – viewing things together.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics data collection template and how to use it

What trends to watch for on your site

Tips and tricks

Email Data

What email data to collect

What trends you want to see in your email

Definitions and common pitfalls

Social Media Insights

Facebook and Instagram data to collect

What to watch for

What vanity metrics to watch out for

Sales Information

Exactly what data to watch when it comes to sales

How to think about your sales data

What to look out for


Your next steps

What we’ve learned after 10 years of data

Tips and tricks to make this process easier

Get clear on your data and grow your business!

Learn how to understand your brand analytics, what you can do with your data insights, and why analytics in marketing are so important.


It’s our goal to make the Bloom Your Brand Course as comprehensive as possible so you don’t have to guess the next step on the path to Blooming Your Brand.

Get clear on your brand and learn methods to ensure you’re creating something truly recognizable!

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