Bloom Your Brand

Holistic Business Building Certification Program

Join the Bloom Your Brand Live Certification Course and take the brand of your dreams from concept to killin’ it in 6 months.

We’re opening up spots now for our January 2021 cohort.

Save your spot now, there are only a few and they won’t be available for long.

The Bloom Your Brand Course will take you step by step through the process of bringing your brand vision into reality.

With nothing but a sapling business idea, a healthy dose of passion, and a ready-to-learn attitude, you’ll have a fully functioning, dandelion certified, blooming brand.

Small Cohort Size

Each cohort has the same 15-20 people in it throughout the entire course so that you have enough 1:1 time and you'll have the chance to know your fellow brand bloomers.

Weekly Live Trainings

This Holistic Certification Program has a dedicated Private Facebook Group so that you can join your weekly live training and get help from anywhere in the world.

Dandelion Certified

At the end of the course, you will be officially Dandelion Certified! You will receive a physical certification along with a badge you can put anywhere you’d like!

The Bloom Your Brand Certification Course Deets


This brand certification course is designed in the cohort style.

You will work through the brand building process together with 15-20 other dedicated entrepreneurs that will help act as your built-in accountability team!

Your cohort will communicate together in a private, dedicated Facebook Group, only open to you and the other course members.

How the Holistic Business Building Certification Course Works 

The course is broken into 5 parts each part has 4-6 modules that you will access through signing into our website.

Each week, we will go through a course module together on Facebook Live, so all the course members will have the ability to ask questions and chat with the Dandelion Duo.

The whole course takes about 6 months to complete with us live, but you will have forever access to your Facebook Group and all of your course materials!

And Then You’re Dandelion Certified!

At the end of the course, your brand will be officially DANDELION CERTIFIED!

This means that you have our seal of approval that your brand is run holistically and authentically for the people you serve.

You can wear your certification loud and proud because we’ve got your back.

Bloom Your Brand Course Breakdown

- Part One - Weeks 1-5

how to not be basic

Step one of brand building is defining your values, creating your brand identity, and choosing the vision you have for your brand’s future. You’re going to get comfortable with your audience, and you’ll know your brand’s elevator pitch.

We’re going to get real clear on what you’re selling, to who, and we’re going to viiiibe it out so that you appeal to your audience straight off the bat.

W.ebsite A.s P.romised

We’re going to walk you through every single thing you need to make an effective, and fully customizable WordPress website* for your business. We give you the customizable page templates and tons of tips on just how to build the perfect site for your brand.

We also spend time integrating your basic marketing tools and a highly efficient project management system so that when we get to part three, we’re already rockin’ and rollin’.

*If you’re building your site on Shopify don’t worry, we will help ya with the Shopify builder in the weekly lives.

- Part Two - Weeks 6-10

- Part Three - Weeks 11-15

nontoxic ma-rketing

We’re going to share our content marketing method with you. 

This is our effective, holistic marketing method that is YEARS in the making.

We’re going to show you the ins and outs of organic content marketing, strategy, and creation. You’ll learn how to make money using email marketing initiatives and you’ll be a master at the organizational process it takes to get it all done.

Plus you’ll love the marketing process (even if you hate social media rn)

be a grower

This is a turning point – and it’s one of the best feelings ever. Because in this part, you will learn how to build a lead generation offer and funnel from start to finish.

That means your brand is ready to grow, and YOU did that.

You will learn how to start growing your brand’s loyalty and captivate your site traffic by using a lead generation funnel to gather emails and create super fans of your brand!

- Part Four - Weeks 16-20

- Part Five - Weeks 21-26

big data energy

One of the most important things to grow your brand continuously is to watch your data to make effective decisions.

You will learn how to understand your brand analytics, what you can do with your data insights, and why analytics in marketing are so important.

In this final part of the course, you’re going to learn how to make sure that your brand grows – and KEEPS GROWING.

The Dandelion Certification

This is a certification course, and our certification keeps on giving.

By the end of the 6 months, you will have a fully functioning brand, but you’re also going to be one of our Dandelion Certified Brands.

The Dandelion Certification Means

  • You’re a certified holistic brand
  • Your customers and promoters can trust that your products or services are represented honestly and transparently
  • Your brand values will always come first.

You will be able to put the certification badge anywhere you want – on your website, your social media, or even your products!

And Just Who is Dandelion?

We're Dandelion Branding

Hey, we're Dandelion Branding! Nice to meet you.

We’re Courtney (right) and Aub (left).
We make up the Dandelion Duo.

Our work intertwines customer experience optimization with creative content marketing initiatives. These skills are two sides of the same coin, and when put together, they bring major growth to the sustainable, holistic brands we work with!

We know how to build a holistic brand that lasts, and we’re so excited for the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.

Dandelion Branding sustainable brand marketing agency

We’ve partnered with entrepreneurs around the globe to help them gain clarity and build their brand. If you’re curious, check out what a few have said about us below.

Kevin T.

"Dandelion branding has been instrumental in helping reposition and reshape our brand identity. Their authentic approach combined with incredible story telling has empowered us to understand our mission more clearly, while also providing the knowledge needed to convey that message to our target customers."

Tracy M.

"Dandelion Branding provided amazing detailed services to showcase my brand & purpose Perfectly!! Bonus... The content they share on the daily is beyond helpful!! They are wonderful to work with!!!"

Christina A.

"These ladies understood my brand and my message. They gave me great tips and I'm still working on fixing everything. The most importantly they tried to build a relationship with me which I believe is the most important thing when we offer services. I highly recommend them."

Ready to Take Your Brand Idea from Concept to Killin' It!

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