marketing on a budget - for less than $100/month you can do a great job marketing yellow
marketing on a budget - for less than $100/month you can do a great job marketing yellow

Create a Fully Operational & Proven Successful Marketing Structure Without Breaking the Bank.

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there are four criteria for choosing your budget marketinG tools:


Don’t pay for helpful tools that your business isn’t ready for.

Your marketing platforms should always be affordable.


Don’t choose platforms that don’t grow with your business.

What you choose to work with should help you avoid migration.


Don’t work with platforms that don’t work together.

Systems that play nicely together lead to better output.


Don’t give in to platform fomo and add more than you need.

Work with tools that help you succeed without redundancy.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Marketing on a Budget Guide is for anyone interested building a marketing structure for cheap without the trial and error of finding their own.

Yes, this is helpful even if you’re already marketing.

For a lot of companies, marketing is a beast to tackle alone. Knowing what platforms will grow with you is a feat in and of itself (trust us).

Even if you already have a deck of platforms that work for you—even if you’re already using some of these—you’ll find new information that will help you level up your marketing because we tell you HOW to use these to your best advantage.

Simple: we want to help you build your loyal digital community.

We see you working hard and we know that entrepreneurs deserve a break. It doesn’t serve us to keep this stuff a secret when we can use it to help you.

Because when it comes to marketing, we believe you shouldn’t have to spend more time building your structure than actually creating content for your business.

We’re Dandelion Branding!

There are two of us: Courtney and Aubrey. We took the leap from corporate marketing to working with small businesses.

Now we’re helping socially conscious entrepreneurs figure out how the best ways to make their impact on their world.

That means we’re entrepreneurs too and this guide comes from our own marketing structures and the structures we help other busy entrepreneurs build.

Firstly, we are dedicated to your privacy. We would never give anyone your email address. That’s shady behavior.

We also don’t send spam. That’s not a good use of your inbox or our time.

What you will receive (along with your guide!) is a short welcome and a weekly email with tips for how to build a business with great branding.

We’ll send you fresh articles on different aspects of branding like best marketing practices and interesting ways to build content plus updates on anything new we have to offer (our email list got this guide).