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keep your content marketing Process streamlined & Efficient WITH A PROVEN CONTENT MARKETING METHOD

Take the 6 week journey with us to learn a method that will save time and streamline your content marketing.

Each week, we focus on a different vital aspect of making your efficient holistic content engine

You’ll Leave This Course With
  • A deeper understanding of your audience. (week 1)
  • Everything you need to know about making pillar content. (week 2)
  • The platforms and types of posts you actually need for your social media. (week 3)
  • The inside scoop on email marketing. (week 4)
  • A content marketing plan that makes it simple to manage your content. (week 5)
  • The ability to use your data to know exactly where to spend your time. (week 6)

Content Course Details

Total Investment: €1350

€100 Deposit to Enroll

€1,250 Due By December 31st, 2021


Early enrollment is open until December 15th, 2021

The 6 week Content Course starts in January 14th 2022

Who can use our holistic Content MARKETING method?

If you want to focus on creating meaningful, consistent content that inspires trust in your brand.

Our method works whether you have a team or you’re operating solo.

How It Works

Each week you’ll get early access to the course materials so that you can come to our live call with the basic information. Then we will have a live call to offer additional information from our experience and give you advice about your brand.

We paced this 6 week course to be fast but also gives you the space to discover your love of your audience and find your groove with the content that inspires you.

The Dandelion Team working on the best Content Marketing Method for brands

How do you know it Works?

We know it works because we use this content marketing method literally every day.

We’ve spent years developing a content engine that we can operate quickly and efficiently. This lets us create incredible content for our own brands and for our clients – at the same time (our record is operating 7 brands with various content plans simultaneously with 3 people)

WHY THIS Content Marketing METHOD?

Great content marketing always take some time – there’s no way around that.

But there has to be a balance between the time you spend and a payoff overtime that feels right.

You should never feel like you’re wasting your efforts, and you should never feel uninspired by what you’re creating!

Our process is designed to have the perfect mix of accountability and efficient content creation that will keep you scheduled and posting consistently without taking away from the natural creativity that you bring to your business everyday.

Dandelion reviews

Working with Dandelion Branding has been one of the best business decisions that I've ever made! Courtney and Aubrey are both brilliant at what they do and gave me a whole new outlook on how to run and grow my business. For me, it's kindness, open honesty, and generosity that make them a next-level team. The ideas and innovation that came out of our meetings were invaluable, let alone the tangible tools that are now the main guiding light of my business.

Rochelle S.

Aub and Court are are wonderful and interactive teachers; I love how they bounce off each other and both explain their perspective on each topic being covered. Their model is very clean and organized and easy to follow along with!

Tess gives the Dandelion Branding Content Marketing Method two thumbs up

Tessa B.

Courtney and Aubrey are internet marketing geniuses, and they do it in such a casual and fun way. Talking with them is like brainstorming with a friend, except for every one idea you throw out, they throw out three brilliant ideas that will actually work and grow your business! They have given me priceless advice for building my influence and organizing my business activities, and I am excited to continue working with them. I highly recommend Dandelion Branding to help any business achieve and surpass their business goals!!!

Jasmine Granas smiling with her kiddo because the content marketing method of Dandelion is great.

Jasmine G.

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Dandelion Branding is a digital marketing agency that works with sustainable small businesses.

Our work intertwines customer experience optimization with creative content marketing initiatives. These skills are two sides of the same coin, and when put together, they bring business growth!

We have taught this content marketing method to dozens of brands around the world. We’re excited to share it with you in this live course too!

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