Did You Know: Email marketing is the best communication channel to earn sales and increase audience retention.

Email Automation Maps

Get the Dandelion Branding Email Automation Maps!

These basic maps show you exactly what you need to build the top 3 highest converting email automations for online sales and retention!

Our average open rate on these emails is over 60% – setting you up for email marketing success!

These email automations can generate sales for your store 24/7. 

The Automation Maps You Get in this Download

Welcome Series

Your welcome automation introduces your brand to your subscribers and gives them a chance to know who you are and what you value.

This is an important piece of building retention into your holistic marketing.

First Purchase

When an audience member becomes a customer for the first time, they deserve to know who they are buying from and why. 

Thank them for their purchase, and invite them deeper into your brand. This series is designed to increase trust.

Abandoned Cart

This email automation reminds your shoppers of the items left in their cart.

When done right, this is the highest converting automation because it helps catch people when they’re ready to purchase.

Email Automation FAQs

How does email fit into holistic marketing?

We use email marketing as part of our holistic marketing retention toolbox. It’s the best way to make sure that a brand stays top of mind in a way that gets more attention than a social media scroll but is less intrusive than SMS.

We also recommend prioritizing education through email, not just selling products. These email automation maps are set up to help you stay geared towards creating trust and building a relationship with subscribers. 

What platform are these maps built for?

These email automation maps are built around Klaviyo’s ESP.

Most email systems will have similar features for automation, but if you have questions, please reach out to us at info@dandelionbranding.com

Do I need to be an expert to follow these?

Not at all!

We built these maps to make welcoming your subscribers accessible and simple for you.

Of course it’s helpful if you know your way around your own email platform – and if you use a high quality email platform like Klaviyo (sponsored link) – but these maps (and our accompanying email automation) will give you valuable insights into getting your email marketing set up for success.

Don't want to build these yourself? We can help!

Feeling a little lost in the holistic email marketing of it all? Let us help you get set up so you can spend your time and energy doing what you do best!

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