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Building an entire website takes time, but if you’re working on launching something special, you better start gaining momentum and attention right away!

Create a highly converting landing page with our FREE one page website template and step by step guide.

Here's a little secret about making a landing page that converts...

Whether you’re creating a landing page offer for a product you already have, or you want to build a waiting list page where people can sign up to learn more while you’re building the rest of your website…

you need the same, simple page.

Our one page website template is proven effective with our agency and clients. It consistently converts between 25% and 35% of site visitors! And we’re going to show you exactly how to build it!

What you'll be able to create...

This is a lot more than a free one page website template…

We work with small businesses everyday, and we know that getting started with your digital world feels like a wild ride. It’s logistically confusing, and it’s hard to know exactly what you need for each project.

So, we actually created an easy step by step walk through for you, so you can go from having nothing but a dream this morning, to having a landing page that works in the evening.

Along with your free download, you’ll get:

A step by step walkthrough for how to create your one page website through WordPress or Shopify from scratch!

An all access pass to our Member Vault that houses all our most valuable, and also totally FREE content as well as our intensive Bloom Your Brand e-course.

A secret bonus module that will give you even more insight on how to gain momentum and get your website out to the world!

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Dandelion Branding is a digital marketing agency that works with badass small businesses.

Our work intertwines customer experience optimization with creative content marketing initiatives. These skills are two sides of the same coin, and when put together, they bring about major growth!

We know what it takes to build a brand, and we’re thrilled to be able to share this knowledge with you.

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Building an entire website takes time, but you can start marketing your brand today with a one page website designed to create interest and excitement around your brand.

If you’re working on launching something special, it’s better start gaining momentum and attention right away!

Create your version of our highly converting One Page Website with our Free Template!


Because of the versatile nature of this one page website template design, this template and the accompanying course can be used for several purposes:

1 – creating a waiting list for a product or website launch

2 – building the structure of a website fast.

3 – increasing sales on a product landing page.

4 – gaining more email sign ups for a lead generation campaign.

Whether you’re providing services or selling products this template will get you on your way to creating highly converting offers for your business.

When you’re building a brand from the ground up, you can use all the tips and tricks you can get.

Whether you’re providing services or selling products this landing page template and the corresponding online training will get you on your way to creating highly converting offers for your business.

After you sign up, you’ll have access to information on setting up your domain, integrating an email service provider. Information on the best page builder applications for your budget, PLUS bonus marketing tips to get it out to the public.  

Not at all!

We’ll be utilizing tools that are very user friendly and intuitive!

All you need is a computer, a business/ product/ service idea and some creativity!

We recommend giving this at least one full day or perhaps even a full weekend.

If you were highly focused on the process of creating a landing that works, this could be completed within about 4-6 hours. But it’s not a race.

The more time you spend on your website copy and imagery, the better it will be! Take time to test things out and get creative. This is often your first impression on your audience, so take care and work to make it a good one.


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