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Our Ecommerce Sitewide sale CHECKLIST giveS you a complete FOUR week TIMELINE to get your next sale ready

Finalize decisions.

Figure out what you’ll need to implement and your content timeline.

Set up your plan.

Get started by putting actions behind your decisions and get rolling on your sale.

Have a Builder Week.

Start sale outreach and focus on creating the content that you need.

Quality Test.

Focus on finishing, testing, and scheduling all of your initiatives – get ready to launch.

also in the guide:

When to include upsells and what to do after your sale to keep your audience engaged.

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Most frequent questions and answers

This checklist is for anyone interested in having a sitewide sale in the next month or learning how to plan a high level sale for their ecommerce business like the pros.

For a lot of companies, marketing is a beast to tackle alone – and planning a big sale isn’t even in the question.

This comprehensive sitewide sale checklist has everything you need to focus on for your sale, along with the proper timeline for your sale without scrambling every step of the way.

Simple: we want to see you thrive.

We see you working hard and we know that entrepreneurs deserve a break.

It doesn’t serve us to keep this stuff a secret when we can use it to help you succeed in your business.

We’re Dandelion Branding!

There are two of us: Courtney and Aubrey. We took the leap from corporate marketing to working with small businesses.

Now we’re helping purposeful brands grow their loyal digital communities with organic marketing strategy and user experience optimization. 

This sitewide sale checklist comes from our experience in building comprehensive sitewide sales.

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