Spoiler Alert: You Don't Need To Send a Coupon Code With Every Email

Master the Soft Sell.
Learn how to build a healthy and effective relationship with your email list.

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What will i learn?

You’ll learn how to communicate with your email list about your brand and your products so that you don’t have to send a coupon code every time you need some extra dough in your business.


Say what you will, email is a personal connection.

The Soft Sell method helps you build a healthy relationship with your digital community.


Email is a way for your audience to get to know YOU.

People want to be part of a tribe. This allows you to solidify the connection with your audience.


Let your brand become your legacy with email. 

This strategy helps you and your community focus on the longevity in your relationship.


Email is a serious money maker for purposeful brands.

When you have a growing, loyal list and you offer them value, people want to buy from you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

This webinar is for anyone interested in creating a healthy relationship with their email list and building their customer loyalty through email marketing.

You feel like consistent coupon sending is cheapening your brand and you want to position your products as the high quality, must-have goods they are. 

This will be helpful for anyone that is already focused on emailing their customers or is interested in starting email marketing before the end of the year.

You’re going to learn how to position your brand as an authority in your niche so you don’t have to send a coupon code begging people to buy your product.

You’ll learn ways to show your product or service’s value and create a healthy working relationship with your email list through effective copywriting and creative forms of engagement.

The Soft Sell technique will be something you can incorporate year round as part of your full brand strategy but learning it right now allows you to fine tune this before your major Black Friday sale.

Build your loyal digital community through effective and sustainable email marketing.

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There are two of us: Courtney and Aubrey. We took the leap from corporate marketing to working with small businesses.

Now we help purposeful brands build their loyal digital communities through organic marketing (like this) and user experience optimization.

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We also don’t send spam. That’s not a good use of your inbox or our time.

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