Mache Website Optimization Case Study


Create clarity around products along with adding style and simplicity to the product filtering options.


A hand coded update to their basic Shopify theme.


A simple, optimized filtering system that orients the user while making it easy to understand Mache’s collections.
Mache Website Optimization case study from dandelion branding
Website optimization with sustainability in mind is the best way to speed up a page and make it easier to navigate for your users.

A lot of folks see the words, ‘sustainable optimization,’ and they think: “BORING.”
We think: “What a fun challenge!” And we always jump at the chance to make a site function better while making it prettier.

In this process, our clients at Mache wanted to create clarity around their collection filters and give the page a simple elegance that their Shopify theme didn’t offer natively. That meant a bit of hand coding to customize their Shopify theme.

What Website Optimization Looked Like for Mache

When we take on a project like this, we always make sure that it’s more than just a paint job for the pages.

It is important to use that website users are easily oriented throughout the shopping process. So in addition to making the page look more elegant, we added three user experience additions:
– Collection names on the new buttons offer immediate clarity for each type of yoga accessory.
– A hover overlay on the buttons to help the user understand that the filters were clickable
– The selected collection has a design variation so the user know which collection page they are already on.

And of course, we made sure that the collections and shopping pages are optimized for mobile!

How is This a Sustainable Change?

Previously, the images were very large and full of color. This lead to a long loading time, and when it comes to digital carbon footprints, energy usage is the main issue. The simplicity of the new color circles, coupled with custom code to create the hover and selected states makes this page lighter and swifter.

Website optimization for increased usability and clarity on a page makes it more accessible to the user and goes a long way to giving them what they want quickly and efficiently. This cuts down on a brand’s digital carbon footprint over time.

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