6 Tips for Making Your Sustainable Marketing Strategy Easier

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Last month I wrote about why sustainable brands need a sustainable marketing strategy.

I shared our sustainable marketing cycle and what it means to grow a business using content marketing with data and audience engagement in the mix.

And we got great feedback from the article. One business owner I spoke with told me that she had never thought of content as circular and that it helped her feel more aligned with what she was producing. Another let me know that until she had spoken to me and read the article she had thought her only option was Facebook Ads!

We often find that while sharing this process offers great food for thought for business owners, there are still parts in the digital marketing strategy and creation process that trips them up.

So I decided to share a few important tips that help with the planning and execution process of your sustainable marketing strategy.

6 Tips for Your Sustainable Marketing Strategy

I will absolutely never say that building a digital marketing strategy is easy, it’s not. But there are a few tricks that can make it easier for you. These are the 6 that we have seen make the BIGGEST difference for sustainable brands around the world.

1 – Make your marketing strategy plan first

I mentioned this when we talked about creating your customer journey map, but I’ll say it forever: your creative brain and your planning brain are two different parts of you. If you try to strategize with your creative brain while you’re creating, you will be derailed.

We see it happen all the time.

Step one: Use your planning brain to lay out your strategy and create your content calendar. Do this in the middle of the month for the following month (April 15th for the whole month of May).
Step two: Trust Yourself.
Step three: Use your creativity to make what you’ve laid out for yourself in your calendar.

2 – Chunk all of your posts into “types”

When you’re building your marketing calendar, you don’t need to get so granular that you box your creativity in. That’s a pitfall we see a lot. Business owners won’t feel inspired to talk about what they said they would talk about on their calendar.

Instead of defining a topic, define a few “post types” that resonate with your ideal customers. When it comes time to create that piece of content you can write about what is inspiring you right then without straying from your calendar.

3 – Bulk create the content in your marketing strategy

You’re busy as hell. You don’t have time to think about making marketing content every day. I know.

But you can find a couple of hours to buckle down and create your content for the whole week if you make it a priority. This is a lot easier when you have a marketing strategy in place already because you know exactly what you need to create.

If you really don’t have time for this and can’t figure out how to prioritize it, please reach out. We can help support you with new ideas on how to fit it into your schedule.

4 – Schedule some things and let others free flow

Scrambling to make content is a creative boner-killer for me. I’m a big proponent of scheduling your posts to get ahead in your calendar so that you don’t have to scramble to keep up with your digital marketing strategy.

A lot of brand owners feel like using a scheduler limits their creativity on the fly – but there’s no rule that says you have to choose between using a scheduler and posting directly!

Schedule the posts that coincide with things like offers, sales, larger pieces of content, or promotions so that you have your business bases covered. Then you can be extra creative with your free flowing posts.

5 – Look at your data for ideas – but don’t get lost there

If you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, spend time looking at your Google Analytics, sales data, and your social media metrics. Overtime, your data will help you see what people like and what they don’t care about. Give them what they like.

Re: I know you’re busy. Don’t spend a ton of time lost and worrying in data-land, just take enough to know what’s going on with your brand and how people are interacting with your site. We have a whole series on the Metrics that Matter if you want to learn more about what to look at!

6 – Make a content habit

This is the hardest advice, and the truest. Do you want to grow your sustainable business? Make your holistic marketing cycle part of your routine FIRST. Be consistent, and turn this into your brand’s foundation. People don’t trust the “sustainable” part of your brand if you don’t show your authority and act like the accountable company you are.

Once you’re in the swing of things with your sustainable marketing cycle, then start talking about optimizing, starting with ads, working with lead generation and funnels, etc. You’ll see a MUCH higher return.

If you have any questions about building or running your digital marketing strategy, you can reach me at aubrey@dandelionbranding.com – I’m always down to chat.

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