Affiliate Marketing Case Study from Omnia Radiation Balancer

Omnia Affiliate Marketing Case Study


Tim Sandars, founder of Omnia Radiation Balancer, had an extremely hands on affiliate program. He had to explain the product, communication guidelines, and payment breakdown each time he met with a new potential influencer.

Our Solution: Automated Affiliate Marketing Program

We automated the process with a fillable form, guidelines, swipe copy, assets, a program, landing page and automated emails.


Tim now only has to drive potential affiliates to the form! He got time back and is able to bring on more affiliates. Affiliates can easily create content to drive new traffic to the Omnia landing pages. Coupled with holistic marketing, Omnia’s sales increased exponentially.
We made it possible for Omnia to reach wider audiences by automating their affiliate marketing program.

When we started working with Tim and Omnia Radiation Balancer, the affiliate marketing program was functional but too hands on for Tim to be able to focus on growing other aspects of his business. We stepped in to help create an automated, hands-off affiliate program that brings in consistent sales without taking Tim’s time!

Why Affiliate Marketing Works

It Builds Trust

When someone you trust gives you a brand recommendation, you’re more likely to choose that brand over others, right? Affiliate marketing is exactly that! The concept is very simple: people trust an influencer and the influencer trusts you, so the influencer’s people trust you.

Share Targeted Audiences

Affiliate marketing done right is about building relationships between brands that have similar audiences. When an affiliate introduces a business to their audience, the business gets new audience members! Those audience members become new potential customers for the business!

How We Created an Affiliate Marketing Program for Omnia

When we create an affiliate marketing program, we always take stock of what already exists for a brand. Then we make a plan to keep it simple.

Migrated to a Simple Affiliate Platform

The first thing was to migrate the whole program to a simple affiliate platform. We chose a platform that was easy for partners to use, easy for us to update, and easy for our client to pay out.

Assets Building

Next, we built all the necessary assets for the program to operate hands off.

Assets for an affiliate program are two fold:

  1. A Welcome Package. This is information for the partner to understand the product and the voice guidelines. In the case of Omnia, we needed to include information about ASA regulations and specific language that an affiliate can and cannot use.
  2. Shareable assets. This is copy and imagery for the partner to share. The most successful affiliate marketing campaigns are the ones that have a clear CTA, shared product benefits, and a personal story. We create everything they need so that an affiliate only has to share their personal story.

Email Automation Creation

Next, we set up an email automation for the approved affiliates. We set it up so that when an affiliate is uploaded into the platform, it would send their information into the email marketing platform and trigger an email sequence. That email sequence includes the welcome package, platform sign in, shareable affiliate link, and access to the shareable assets. This makes it EXTREMELY easy for affiliates to use.

Affiliate Marketing Landing Page Set Up

Next, we set it up so that the affiliate links created within the platform lead to a landing page optimized for sales. We set it up so that we could continue to optimize this page over time. The conversion rate on this page is almost triple overall website conversion.

Made the Form Live

Once the automated procedure was set up and tested, we made the form live! Now people can fill out this form and the whole process starts automatically!

Tim’s Review of Dandelion Branding

“The Dandelion team has been in charge of the Omnia’s Content Marketing for 9 months and they do all my email marketing, website content, social posts and they advise me on all my strategic digital marketing queries.

The team (Aubrey and Courtney) have become an indispensable part of the Omnia brand and I have been super impressed with their efficiency, their research into new systems and platforms that can benefit Omnia, their attention to detail and their ‘feel’ for my brand and the tone of voice we wanted to develop. As a result of this we have taken our content marketing to many levels higher than it was previously and most importantly, we talk to the customer in a way that resonates with them.

We have had great open rates on the emails, good traction on social media and sales have soared in this time. The website looks ten times better than it was, it’s now nicely structured in terms of layout and navigation.

What I like about their approach is that it is super-organised and data driven. We have a schedule which plans weeks and sometimes months in advance what content is going to be published and everything is well planned and I have visibility of everything upcoming so I can make adjustments when I need to.

Lastly they are great people to work with: fun, bright, knowledgeable, super-passionate and very creative. Omnia was a small brand stuck in a rut and I personally was overwhelmed by having to do everything before I engaged with Dandelion and now I feel that everything is expanding really nicely and I am more than happy to have them at the helm, pulling all the strings and producing great content that improves my brand status so that Omnia can grow exponentially.”

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