Not getting the conversions you hoped for?

Trouble making progress with your website?

📰 You’ve read the articles about how to write great product descriptions.

📺 You’ve watched the videos about adding better imagery.

✏️ Maybe you’ve even taken a class to learn marketing best practices…

But your sales are still aren’t where you want them to be.

You’re unsure what to do next.

You just need… something… but what?

You need a Comprehensive Website

Not a placating scroll-through by your friends and family. They want to see you smile.

You need a deep dive by industry professionals who make it their mission to help you boost your conversion, improve SEO, simplify the user experience, and increase the overall clarity of your messaging.

That’s where we come in.

Between Courtney and Aubrey aka the Dandelion Branding Duo, you’ll find expertise in copywriting, SEO, user experience, merchandising, current (and past) marketing best practices, and serious insight into building trust within your customer community. We operate with the empathy it takes to identify the root cause of the disconnect your brand may be experiencing. 🔎

We’ve been doing this for years and we know that a real brand audit means:

  • Finding glitches that could be causing conversion issues
  • Clicking every link and button we can find to get a full view of your site
  • Diving deeply into your messaging from the perspective of your ideal customer
  • Checking out your social media for cohesive messaging
  • Identifying inconsistencies between language and visuals
  • Rooting out deeper flaws within your branding

Comprehensive Website and Brand Audit


We’re taking the guesswork out of your branding

The Dandelion Branding team is comprised of a SEO-focused copywriter and detail oriented User Experience professional so when we look at your site together, we see what you’re doing well, what needs improvement over time, and what needs to change right away.

If your site is seeing low conversions, you’re not sure what’s wrong, or you just want to know what you can improve, this audit will help you take your next step with sure footing.

What You’ll Get

You’ll receive a document that offers you a clear sense of direction, including organized feedback and 15-20 actionable steps for immediate improvements.

We offer you insights into the potential impact of the changes we suggest and break down your feedback into four categories for ease of use:

  • vision – how your imagery resonates with your potential customers
  • voice – how your language represents your brand
  • usability – how easy it is to use your site and make purchases
  • clarity – how clear is your overall message, purpose, and connection to your ideal customer

How It Works

We spend 2-3 hours buzzing around on your current website, checking out your social media, and getting on your email list.

We look through every page possible, click your links, identify issues with consistency throughout your whole brand in addition to pinpointing why you’re experiencing conversion issues and ways to improve.

Don't just take our word for it...

Kevin TerreroCEO - ThePureWay
Dandelion branding has been instrumental in helping reposition and reshape our brand identity. Their authentic approach combined with incredible story telling has empowered us to understand our mission more clearly, while also providing the knowledge needed to convey that message to our target customers. These two amazing ladies are top performers that are passionate and dedicated to their craft. Their attention to detail and vigorous planning has been reinvigorating to our organization. I highly recommend any entrepreneur who puts a premium on brand strategy to get in touch with Dandelion Branding... before they're too busy to respond.
Bethany P.Small Business Owner
Aubrey and Courtney are simply amazing! They reviewed my website (including my sales pages and my blog) and sent me a four-page comprehensive review filled with helpful recommendations and even categorized their review based on what was good, what needs help, and what needs to be fixed right away. They caught mistakes that I had missed as I was building my website and provided me with a clear plan of action to make my website look more professional and to attract my ideal client. I highly recommend them!
Ashley V.Owner - Simply Fit with Ashley
Dandelion Branding did a wonderful job at getting to the heart of what my website and branding truly needed. They provided actionable and realistic feedback that allowed me to start making changes right away. The feedback was honest,direct, and provided in a timely manner. I would definitely use them for future projects.
Cristina Alexandra Business Coach & Entrepreneur
I still can believe what these ladies did for me and my website. it was done in less than 48hrs 😱😱😱. I was in shock (in a really good way). Now this is the best part... they color coded the review and started with the positive feedback and all the good stuff they saw on my website. Then they specified and clarified what needed help or needed to be revised so my clients could understand my offer and services. These ladies understood my brand and my message. They gave me great tips and I'm still working on fixing everything. The most importantly they tried to build a relationship with me which I believe is the most important thing when we offer services. I highly recommend them.
Kasey LabrieTravel Agent
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My website review with Dandelion Branding was extremely helpful! I couldnt agree more with their finding, especially having it looked at with new eyes! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into your work! revamping my site as we speak!

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Who We Are

Aubrey hears the voice of a brand and trains it to speak across marketing platforms without diluting your message.

Courtney sees the vision of a brand and shapes it to maximize conversion without compromising the “who” of your company.

For more than 5 years, Aubrey has been directing small businesses in content marketing, email initiatives, and copy writing.

She’s loved writing since she was in grade school and is continually honing her craft within the digital marketing world.

She is captivated by the psychological subtlety behind a brand’s messaging.

For the better half of a decade, Courtney has worked in ecommerce management, retail merchandising, and user experience optimization. 

Her passion for branding stems from her love of visual merchandising within the ecommerce world and building cohesion throughout a brand’s visual identity. 

She is fascinated by the fandom surrounding brand identity and the concepts that drive customer loyalty.

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