Comprehensive UX Website Front End Audit​


Fact: A better experience on your website means your brand will make more money over time.

We offer you brand specific, actionable feedback that will improve the user experience on your website right away.

This improves conversion rate, increases sales, and makes it easy for your customers to want to keep coming back to your site.

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We’re taking the guesswork out of your branding

Our combination of SEO-focused copywriting and detail oriented User Experience specialties let us see what you’re doing well, what needs improvement over time, and what needs to change right away so you can attract your ideal customer.


A Few Reviews:

Bethany P:
Aubrey and Courtney are simply amazing! They reviewed my website (including my sales pages and my blog) and sent me a four-page comprehensive review filled with helpful recommendations and even categorized their review based on what was good, what needs help, and what needs to be fixed right away. They caught mistakes that I had missed as I was building my website and provided me with a clear plan of action to make my website look more professional and to attract my ideal client. I highly recommend them!

Kasey L:

My website review with Dandelion Branding was extremely helpful! I couldnt agree more with their finding, especially having it looked at with new eyes! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into your work! revamping my site as we speak!

Cristina A:

I still can believe what these ladies did for me and my website. On the first place they offered to do a review for free (which a lot of people/ companies don’t do) and I thought it was really cool. Then it was done in less than 48hrs 😱😱😱. I was in shock (in a really good way). Now this is the best part… they color coded the review and started with the positive feedback and all the good stuff they saw on my website. Then they specified and clarified what needed help or needed to be revised so my clients could understand my offer and services. These ladies understood my brand and my message. They gave me great tips and I’m still working on fixing everything. The most importantly they tried to build a relationship with me which I believe is the most important thing when we offer services. I highly recommend them.


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