Connect with Conscious Consumers - 2 Day Course

It’s easy to assume that if a brand is dedicated to sustainability, their audience probably likes granola, plants, and the practicality of socks with sandals. But in a 2021 poll, 85% of consumers indicated that they have shifted their purchase behavior towards more sustainable choices in the past five years.

We’re here to tell you that when it comes to conscious consumers in 2022, a one size fits all marketing approach just won’t cut it. 

In this 2 day course, you will:

  • Learn the nature of sustainable marketing
  • Dive into the expectations that conscious consumers have in 2022 (and will have in 2023)
  • Identify the quirks of the sustainable audience you want to connect with
  • Craft a brand voice that will speak to the conscious consumers you’re seeking

Time: 4-6 pm UK Time / 8-10 am Pacific
Dates: Wednesday June 29th & Thursday June 30th.


Sustainability is on everyone’s lips right now. Being a conscious consumer isn’t a hippy-dippy practice in 2022, it’s a growing movement, and a key piece in mitigating the affects of climate change.

Sustainability-focused audiences need more than just “green” buzzwords and leaf imagery in order to build trust. That may have worked 10 years ago, but it certainly won’t work now. There’s two main reasons for that:

  1. the conscious consumers of the world can see through these greenwashing tactics and
  2. sustainability is for everyone – and sustainable brands need to be as diverse and unique as their audiences

This means sustainable brands need to step up how we communicate to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our audience.

Sustainable minded and conscious consumers are diverse. It’s more important than ever to take a deeper look at the subtle differences in these audiences and craft a brand voice that connect with every type of person living their sustainable journey.

Enter the Connect with Conscious Consumers Course

By the end of the Connect with Conscious Consumers course you will know how to craft a brand voice that speaks to an audience that purchases with intention.

This is an intensive and interactive course. We split it up into two days because we have a lot to talk about. We want to make sure that you have the time to digest the new concepts we’re bringing to marketing for sustainable brands.

  • We’ll start with a basic definition of sustainable marketing, how it is tied to a brand voice.
  • Then we’re going to cover what folks expect from sustainable businesses right now.
    • We’ll help answer questions around what conscious consumers are looking for and what they might consider greenwashing red flags.
  • We’ll end day one of this intensive by introducing how we distinguish between conscious audiences.
    • We have a questionnaire that helps you get started on the independent audience profiles for the brand voice you’re crafting. (yes, you have homework.)
  • Day two is almost entirely dedicated to crafting a brand voice that connects with the conscious consumers you identified within your audience profile homework.
  • We’ll end day two with a Q&A session.

This class is best for independent marketers, marketing managers/editors on a team, and solo sustainable business owners who want to understand the subtleties of communicating with audiences that are choosing to consume consciously.

Coming to class prepared with a general idea of who your audience is right now, any information about what they like or respond to, and who you want to be speaking to will ultimately give you the best results.

Time: 4-6 pm UK Time / 8-10 am Pacific
Dates: Wednesday June 29th & Thursday June 30th.

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