Deep Dive Into SEO - 2 Day Intensive

Any business conscious of their sustainability knows that every Google search has a carbon cost and the server space a site takes up comes with a carbon footprint.

So when it comes to making a brand’s digital footprint count, SEO is your best friend.

This 2-Day Online SEO Course is designed to share:

  • Why SEO is one of the most sustainable and necessary marketing techniques for brands
  • The best SEO tools for content marketing
  • Low hanging fruit you can update on any website right away
  • Basic structural SEO updates that can make a big difference to an on-site SEO score
  • How to do efficient keyword research
  • Tips for creating search engine ready content and an ongoing SEO content strategy

Time: 4-6 pm UK Time / 8-10 am Pacific
Dates: Saturday July 16th & Sunday July 17th.


Every little bit counts when it comes to sustainability. If you’re dedicating your time and attention to digital sustainability, understanding how Search Engine Optimization works is vital.

With our online SEO course, we’re sharing what we know about digital efficiency. You’ll step up your digital sustainability knowledge and gather the tools to drive quality traffic to any brand dedicated to content marketing.

What we cover in the SEO Course:

  • We’re going to start the SEO course with an overview of how SEO fits into any sustainable marketing strategy.
  • Then we’ll do an introduction to the SEO tools we use for diagnostics, structural updates, and content marketing planning.
  • We’ll talk you through the low hanging fruit you can check and update on any website right away.
    • A lot of times, just these updates make MASSIVE differences in quality organic traffic to a website.
  • Then we’ll talk about why structural SEO isn’t something to be afraid of.
    • Structural optimization to a website is also one of the best ways to focus on reducing a digital footprint. So that’s cool.
  • And then we’ll get into the juicy stuff: Efficient keyword research, creating search engine ready content, and keeping an ongoing SEO content strategy updated.

This class is best for marketers, content creators, and brand owners that want to reduce the digital footprint of their website while bringing in qualified traffic!

Note: Please make sure that you have Google Analytics and Search Console installed on the website of the brand you want to create with. We suggest doing this immediately if you don’t have it now. The longer you have installed, the better.

Time: 4-6 pm UK Time / 8-10 am Pacific
Dates: Saturday July 16th & Sunday July 17th.

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