Cultivate a healthy ecosystem and watch your brand bloom.

Successful brands are built on strong foundations. They root their teams in efficient systems, allow for fertile creativity, and strive for healthy expansion while utilizing the properties of their internal ecosystem to create a bountiful harvest over time.

How it Works

It starts with a Full Scale Audit

Our Analysis is compartmentalized into “internal” and “external” audits so that we can be sure to understand the goals of your company, right along with the limitations so we can develop a plan for your success.

Internal Audit

During our internal audit, we'll be looking at the ins and outs of your company.

Scheduling 30 minutes to talk to each team member, we'll find out what they do, how they know what their tasks are, how they view the growth of the company, and how your team communicates with one another to get projects completed. This allows us to see the mycelial network of your company and dial in on the needs of your internal ecosystem. 

We will also look at current revenue streams and identify an ideal revenue split to inform future KPIs for team members.

External Audit

Here we'll focus on your outward-facing initiatives and help you deadhead what no longer serves across all marketing platforms.

We identify customer drop off points and analyze the data you are currently collecting, allowing us to offer suggestions for immediate actionable changes along with areas to improve over time.

We also offer voice, design, brand alignment, and testing suggestions for your overall website.

Does your team need an audit?

Ongoing Consultation

Our ongoing consultation packages are designed based on you. Once we know the environment of your company, we’ll be able to pinpoint precisely what you need for efficient growth and offer guidance to increase the fertility of your business.

Sometimes that looks like working with us and sometimes it doesn’t. We’re in the business of helping you improve yours—if we’re not what you need we’ll let you know, and we’ll let you know what you do need.