voice and vision from dandelion branding

Tailored Brand Voice
and Vision Optimization

We start with a detailed brand voice and clear visual guidelines to make your brand unmistakable in your audience’s daily scroll.

Data Driven sustainable marketing services

Data Driven,
Holistic Marketing Strategies

We combine your data with your brand guidelines and our market experience to ensure your marketing strategy rivals the best in the industry.

ongoing content marketing

Ongoing Content Marketing
and Website Projects

With guidelines and a strategy in place, our priority naturally shifts to creating consistent value-based content and increasing website conversion.

Our Sustainable Marketing Services at a Glance

All of our sustainable marketing services at a glance in a little grid

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Sustainable Marketing Projects

Most of our client relationships start on a per project basis.
This helps us to know how well we fit together!

Our Per Project Rate Starts at €900

Custom Holistic Content Strategy

Understand your audience and how to speak to them, set clear goals and get a plan to reach them.


- Audience insights
- Competitor insights
- A value guide
- Voice and visual guidelines
- Platform-based strategy recs
- Customized Social Post Info
- Repeatable Calendar

Data Deep Dive + Analysis

Up to a calendar year of a holistic analysis of your website, sales, social media, and email marketing data.


- Holistic overview of past data
- Specific Goals to help growth
- Platform-based analysis
- Month by month Insights
Brand Voice and Vision little magic wand

Website Beautification

Have help with specific pages, site navigation, a new plugin, or get a whole website rebrand!

Project Opportunities

- Landing page creation
- Main page creation
- Website copywriting
- Product page updates
- Full website creation

On-site SEO Updates

Grow your website traffic organically with a strategic search engine optimization project.

Project Steps

- Adding Google Analytics
- Search Console setup
- Specify Keywords
- SEO Title updates
- Meta Description updates
- Page copy updates
- Collection of data
- Keyword updates

*this works best as a longterm project

Email Marketing Guidance

Use the right platform, set up your automations, and ensure that your sending is on point.

Project Opportunites

- Must-Have Automations
     - welcome series
     - abandoned cart
     - first purchase
- Segmentation
- Migration to a new platform
- Deliverability checkup
- Data benchmarking

Affiliate Program Creation

Set up an intentional affiliate program that is simple for you and supports your promoters.

Project Steps

- Identify the right app
- Create onboarding process
- Build affiliate welcome emails
- Make affiliate welcome pack
     - imagery
     - custom blog article
     - swipe email copy
     - swipe IG post copy

Lead Generation Campaigns

Get your brand in front of more people and grow your lists with a complete marketing funnel!

Project Opportunities

- Landing page creation
- Thank you page creation
- Guide/freebie creation
- Email automation
- Secondary CTA set up

Website Optimization

Optimize your website for conversions with data-driven design elements that help drive sales.

Project Opportunities

- Full scale website audit
- Installation of Hotjar
- Monitoring heatmaps
- Data-based page updates
- Voice recommendations

*this works best as a longterm project

Dandelion Branding Ongoing Sustainable Marketing Services

We offer ongoing services to brands that we share a positive working relationship with through at least one marketing project already.
This allows us to understand your style, and know whether we’re the best fit to help you grow your business sustainably.


Trusted growth guidance and support for your brand's holistic marketing.
  • Ongoing Basic Content Strategy and Calendar
  • Quarterly Data Based Social Post Index
  • Audience Insights
  • Consecutive Website, Lead Generation, Content or Email Projects (1 Monthly)
  • Weekly Data Collection & Analysis with Growth Suggestions
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute meetings

Half Moon

Love your passion and own your creativity - we will handle the necessities.
  • 1 content stack per month (blog, email, social post)
  • Signs of Life Social Media Posting
  • Ongoing Detailed Content Strategy and Calendar
  • Quarterly Data Based Social Post Index
  • Audience Insights
  • Consecutive Website, Lead Generation, Content or Email Projects (1 Monthly)
  • Weekly Data Collection & Analysis with Growth Suggestions
  • Weekly 30 minute meetings

Full Bloom

Your job: meetings and approvals.
Our job: Everything else.
  • Complete Email Marketing - Maintenance of Audience Segmentation & Automations
  • Keyword Research & Ongoing On-site SEO Updates
  • A Dedicated Content Writer for Your Brand Voice
  • Weekly Content Stack (blog, email, social post)
  • Daily Social Media Posting (strategy depending)
  • Ongoing Detailed Content Strategy and Calendar
  • Ongoing Data Based Social Post Index
  • Ongoing Audience Insights
  • Consecutive Website, Lead Generation, or Email Projects (No Monthly Limitation)
  • Weekly Data Collection & Analysis with Growth Suggestions
  • Weekly 60 minute meetings

Our journey together starts with you scheduling a call to see if we’re a good match.

Dandelion Branding offers sustainable marketing services. In this image the ladies are working hard, aub has a pinky in the air and court is in the background

Interested in a more DIY approach?


If you just want to learn the ins and outs of creating a sustainable marketing structure for your brand, check out the Bloom Your Brand Course.

Our 6 month live course offers weekly training focused on brand identity, building your website, creating ongoing content, growing through lead generation, and collecting & analyzing your data.