Brand Coaching

Cultivate a healthy ecosystem and watch your brand bloom.

Successful brands are built on strong foundations. They root their teams in efficient systems, allow for fertile creativity, and strive for healthy expansion while utilizing the properties of their internal ecosystem to create a bountiful harvest over time.

Ready, Set, Grow

What sets Dandelion Branding apart from your everyday marketing and branding agency is our immersion into your business, our ability to identify potential pitfalls, and our support to reach balance within and throughout your entire brand.

Our work is holistic.

We focus our energies on the whole being of a company, taking into account internal workflow systems and their effects on external growth factors.

We start by scheduling 30 minutes to talk to each team member to get a pulse on the mycelial network of your company and dial in on the needs of your internal ecosystem and placing emphasis on your Brand’s Values.

As we start to see those connections forming, we turn our attention to your external growth and help guide your brand toward creating comprehensive marketing strategies—including best practices for email marketing, conversion optimization, clickfunnels, and ads.

Our method is transformative.

A delightful surprise for us is when our clients find themselves with new mindsets, with new passion for the details, and a new sense of action and urgency that courses through the entirety of the business.

We see empowered teams taking accountability for their roles, increased relevant data reporting, clearly defined goals, and cohesion throughout the brand.

Our communication is authentic.

We met on a team creating an 8-figure business, and we didn’t get there by being shy or apprehensive in offering our advice.

We’re honest about what we see and we come to the table with solutions for every problem your company faces.

Is your Branding Cohesive?

Ongoing Consultation

Our ongoing consultation offers are designed based on you. We spend a month getting to know the environment of your company so we’ll be able to pinpoint precisely what you need for efficient growth and offer guidance to increase the fertility of your business.

Sometimes that looks like working with us and sometimes it doesn’t. We’re in the business of helping you improve yours—if we’re not what you need we’ll let you know, and we’ll let you know what you do need.

A Note For CEOs

Would knowing that you have enough of the right people, in the right place, with the right processes for growth give you the peace of mind to focus on being the idea-maker in your company again?

We’ll help teach your team how to be the people that make ideas happen.

As part of helping you create a strong foundation, we offer team workflow guidance, tailored templates for streamlining processes for maximum workplace efficiency, and much more. We’ll also identify where new positions could be feasible to add and what type of marketing best suits your team and your brand.

Are you ready for a change?