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Managing FDA Claims as a Natural Product Brand

Managing FDA Claims as a Natural Product Brand

Navigating the waters of content creation can be rocky for any small business, but it is especially true if you’re selling alternative health and wellness products.

As a natural product brand in the USA, you have the added regulations of FDA Claims Compliance.

Understanding these regulations are vital for the health of your brand because a cease and desist notification from the FDA can lead to huge fines, court orders, and even shuttering your business.

This FDA Claim Compliance guide teaches you

 – What the FDA does and what they look for in your content
 – How to identify a claim 
 – What you cannot say
 – What you’re able to say sometimes and the types of claims that you’re allowed to use as you  like.
 – Plus 5 tips that can save your business from a cease and desist notice!

You won’t find a simplified guide like this anywhere else. 


Marketing for Herbalists

Join Aub and Court from Dandelion Branding to learn about the best practices to market your herbal business. In this 4 week course we’re going to cover:

Week One – Website Basics – How to set up a custom website from scratch, and everything your website needs.

Week Two – Holistic Marketing – How to communicate with your audience, building a holistic content marketing structure that works for herbal brands (including social media, blogs, and email)

Week Three – An Overview of FDA compliance – What you can and can’t say about your herbal products, PLUS the chance to ask your compliance questions

Week Four – In the final class, we’ll have the chance to go over any and all questions directly with class participants. We’ll provide actionable feedback, and resources to continue your digital marketing education.


*This class is pre-recorded

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