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Connect with Conscious Consumers

How Sustainable Businesses Can Craft a Brand Voice to Reach the Perfect Audience

2 Day Course

It’s easy to assume that if a brand is dedicated to sustainability, their audience probably likes granola, plants, and the practicality of socks with sandals. But in a 2021 poll, 85% of consumers indicated that they have shifted their purchase behavior towards more sustainable choices in the past five years.

We’re here to tell you that when it comes to conscious consumers in 2022, a one size fits all marketing approach just won’t cut it. 

In this 2 day course, you will:

  • Learn the nature of sustainable marketing
  • Dive into the expectations that conscious consumers have in 2022 (and will have in 2023)
  • Identify the quirks of the sustainable audience you want to connect with
  • Craft a brand voice that will speak to the conscious consumers you’re seeking

Time: 4-6 pm UK Time / 8-10 am Pacific
Dates: Wednesday June 29th & Thursday June 30th.


Deep Dive Into SEO

How SEO Improves Quality of Traffic While Lowering a Brand's Digital Carbon Footprint

2 Day Course

Any business conscious of their sustainability knows that every Google search has a carbon cost and the server space a site takes up comes with a carbon footprint.

So when it comes to making a brand’s digital footprint count, SEO is your best friend.

This 2-Day Online SEO Course is designed to share:

  • Why SEO is one of the most sustainable and necessary marketing techniques for brands
  • The best SEO tools for content marketing
  • Low hanging fruit you can update on any website right away
  • Basic structural SEO updates that can make a big difference to an on-site SEO score
  • How to do efficient keyword research
  • Tips for creating search engine ready content and an ongoing SEO content strategy

Time: 4-6 pm UK Time / 8-10 am Pacific
Dates: Saturday July 16th & Sunday July 17th.


Intro to Sustainable Website Optimization

How to Balance Efficiency & Great User Experience When Building a Website

2 Day Course

Having an optimized website is absolutely critical for any online business.  Online audiences expect a lot when shopping and browsing online, so we want to ensure you’re giving them the best experience possible! But, everything online has a carbon footprint, so let’s go over some techniques for building a site that’s efficient, offers great user experience and keeps carbon emissions as low as possible. 

If you’re ready to learn how to optimize your site, join us for our 2 day intensive!

We’ll cover:

  • Analytics & User Experience Software
  • Planning Your Website Structure
  • Creating Effective Product or Service Pages
  • Optimizing for Efficiency
  • Best Types of Optimization Tests

This class will be held in August 2022.


Actionable Data Collection

How Sustainable Businesses Can Use Data to Compete with Big Business

1 Day Intensive

Learning how to effectively collect and analyze your brand’s data is key to building a sustainable marketing structure that lasts. Data can seem scary, tedious, or confusing but with our method you’ll have a streamlined process that cuts through all the noise.

If you’re ready to learn how to collect and analyze the marketing data for your brand, join us for our Actionable Data Collection intensive!

We’ll cover:

  • How to set up your reporting system
  • What we track and why
  • Identifying trends
  • Making Data Based Decisions
  • How to think like a holistic marketing strategist

This class will be held in October 2022. More details TBA.

This class is best suited for business owners or marketers with an established website and marketing structure who are looking to gain better insights into what’s working or not!


Email Marketing for Sustainable Brands

How to Earn Audience Trust and Gain Loyal Customers Using Email Marketing

2 Day Course

Email is one of the most lucrative sales channels for sustainable brands. You can use your email channel to build trust, share valuable information, and create more personal relationships with your audience.

If you’re ready to learn email marketing for your brand, join us for our 2 day intensive!

  • Set up your email marketing for success
  • How to understand your data
  • Campaigns and segmentation do’s and don’ts
  • How to build the automations you need

Class hours will be held in April 2023. More Details TBA. 

This class will be focused on Klaviyo, it isn’t necessary for you to have your account set up before the first class, but it would be beneficial. In addition to the in-class hours, we assume that you’ll work on your email platform.


Bloom Your Brand

Six Month Holistic Content Marketing Mentorship for Sustainable Brands

Learn a holistic content marketing method that earns trust and gains loyal customers for your brand for years to come!

The Bloom Your Brand Mentorship is a 1:1 training that will take you step by step through our proven effective holistic content marketing method.

Your marketing is an extension of your business. It communicates what you do so that your ideal audience can find you, trust you, and buy from you.

A holistic content marketing method uses your branding, your website, your content, and your brand’s data to create an environment that your audience resonates with.

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