A Simple Lead Generation that Worked!

Our Goal:

To turn a high volume of traffic into an email list of loyal subscribers.

What We Did

We used an image of the USA, prompting people to click on their state. When they clicked, it asked them to sign up for the email newsletter.

The Result

A 6.32% opt-in rate on the popup over the past year. (More than double the average popup)
This is the simplest, and most effective email lead generation we have ever created - with a 6.32% average opt in rate for over a year.

We worked with MCI for a couple of years, helping them to shift their company from a small Northern California medical courier company to a country-wide network of medical couriers focused on setting the standard of excellence throughout the United States.

In the beginning we were focused on transitioning their SEO to bringing in their ideal leads. But once we did that, we wanted to keep those leads engaged with the MCI brand.

How did we do that? We built the simplest email capture pop up we could think of.

Why We Went with the Simple Lead Generation

When we started working with MCI, they had a complicated map on their homepage. It had to be completely hand coded so no one on their team could make updates and it was outdated by more than a year. It was also slowing down the page significantly because the website had been updated, but not the map. We elected to remove it – but not before checking out their visitor data on a heat map.

Data showed that when it did load, people were engaging with it even though the functionality was limited!

Our plan was to rebuild the map with better functionality over time. We wanted to create a more targeted lead generation because the MCI brand is very dedicated to growing their service area and their seamless medical delivery services across the country is what they’re known for. But since the map re-build wasn’t a priority project, we used the same concept for this simple lead generation.

What We Did

We asked for a list of states MCI was operating in and made it into a map image. The map isn’t interactive, it doesn’t take you to a landing page, and it isn’t offering more information per state. The offer itself is an image on a pop up. We also added a little corner button that says, “click here to see our service area.”

The Call to Action on the map image says, “We can service 42 out of the 48 lower contiguous states Click Your State on the Map and Sign Up for Updates”. When a user clicks it, it opens to a simple sign up form. It just tells people that they will get monthly news and updates from the brand. There is no offer on this pop up.

The results had us floored. Their email sign ups were almost non-existent previously, but the map pop up opened a flood gate.

At first we thought it was a fluke – maybe people weren’t able to sign up in our old embedded email sign ups. Or maybe the return website users were eager to get on the email list. Maybe it was bots! But after a couple of months of high open rates and continued engagement, we realized that we has fallen into an incredibly simple, yet extremely effective lead generation tool.

And as of December 2023, this website pop up is still converting with an average of 6.32% over the past year. Nice, right?

Why This Worked: Our Simple Lead Generation Hypothesis

Our hypothesis about why this email lead capture worked so well is that it’s engaging. Not only did we understand this brand’s audience quite well, but we followed the most basic rule of lead generation: make it about them. Even though the image didn’t lead anywhere special, asking the audience to click their own state offered an element of fun. It created a tether between the brand and the website user. While this feels commonplace in an ecommerce brand or with an NGO, with the medical field, it is very rare.

There is also a beauty in the simplicity and directness of this offer. We know that people don’t find themselves on a hyper-niche website like this one for no reason. MCI is one of the best in the business, and they’re on the cutting edge of the medical delivery world. In this case, we made the judgement that a simple ask for an email would be better than a complex give away – and we were right.

How We Apply Simplicity in Our Marketing

We’re a holistic marketing agency, so you can imagine that things often feel complex. We’re always looking for ways to create cycles and connect messaging with goals and goals with actions. And you should see some of the complicated backend logistics we’ve created!

But that’s just the point – the complexities we create aren’t customer-facing. Sure, we want things to be simple on our end – building a pop up with a map image was simpler than creating a functional, clickable map.

We think a simple, elegant customer experience cannot be beat.

And we will go to great lengths to make sure that the user experiences we create benefit a business’s goals. Often, that means a complex build out in the back end – but every so often, we get ultra-lucky and the simply-built offer is the best.

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