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Here, you’ll find representative examples and case studies of our work! 
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Project Information

BHC needed a completely updated website not only to reflect the rebrand but also to make it easier to sell classes and products. They needed help to communicate consistently with their audience through email and a targeted social media presence.

Their goal was to move into a more user friendly and student centric experience. They wanted their audience to be able to see success stories from past alumni, and be able to see themselves as an herbal healer. They also needed content that spoke to their more advanced herbal students, as well as beginners.

The BHC email list had been unused for almost a year. They wanted to communicate with their audience, but there was something wrong with the deliverability and the average open rate was hovered around 10%. We identified a platform issue and helped them migrate to a new email platform. With our method, their open rate is currently averaging 33.79%

We helped them to develop a robust digital marketing strategy, along with improving their ability to hold online classes, and increased revenue by creating a structure to allow them to offer online pre-recorded classes.

Services Used

Complete website redesign. With their updated visual branding package, we created an entirely new website to suit their needs.

Ongoing Full Bloom package

  • Email Marketing
  • Weekly Campaigns
  • Automations for lead generation and evergreen classes

Weekly Blog articles

Daily Social Media Marketing

Ongoing Class Updates

  • Live Class Listings
  • Evergreen Class Management

Website Optimization Projects

  • Optimizing the checkout structure
  • New layouts for their long term certification course pages

The Berkeley Herbal Center is a nonprofit established in 1995 in Berkeley, California that has grown into the leading educational and clinical center for sustainable systems of Western herbal-based healing.

In 2019, the BHC team decided to go through a complete rebrand from Ohlone Herbal Center to Berkeley Herbal Center.

New Habitz Brand Story

New Habitz is a marketplace for sustainable products based in the Netherlands. They launched in May of 2021 with a goal of bringing holistic healthy habits and sustainable alternatives to the forefront of consumer behavior.

Romélia, the New Habitz founder, contacted us in February 2021 to help make sure the New Habitz launch went off without a hitch.


Project Information

The goal of this project was for New Habitz to have a strong brand voice that resonated throughout the brand’s content marketing and website from the beginning.

We started by identifying the three audiences of New Habitz and how to sell to them, along with their competitors and created a brand marketing strategy – which included a holistic marketing structure with blogs, social media, and emails.

After several months of creating content and driving traffic to the website, our regular data reporting came in handy. We were able to see where people were dropping off the site, so we began working on data-based website optimization projects to improve conversion.

Services Used

New Brand Launch Package

  • Custom Holistic Brand Strategy
    • Audience insights
    • Competitor insights
    • A value guide
    • Voice and visual guidelines
    • Platform-based strategy recs
    • Customized Social Post Info
    • Repeatable Calendar
  • Website audit for experience
  • Email automations
  • Main site page SEO updates

Holistic Content Creation

  • Regular Blogs
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Daily Social Media Posts

Website Optimization Projects

  • Homepage optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Category Reorganization

Weekly Data Reporting

Project Information

Rochelle knew she wanted to rebrand, but wasn’t entirely sure how to start. So we took a look at the data for Earthly. We went through almost a year of her sales data, social media analytics, website traffic information, and email marketing data to put together a holistic report of the year.

Our report included ways to improve communication and, knowing that a rebrand was on the horizon, a few basic strategy suggestions for improving the relationship with her current audience before making the switch.

Then we jumped straight away into the new brand launch! We helped her to answer questions like, who is the Wild & Pure ideal audience? What type of content do they relate to? How can she make sales and create a community with the new audiences?

From here we created a basic calendar and taught the W&P team how to do their data reporting, stay accountable for content using our project management software, and consulted on their email automations.

For several months, we consulted on the design of the website – editing copy, offering user experience advice, and helping Rochelle find the right balance between creating an organized website and making sure it’s easy to use for all of her site visitors.

Services Used

Data Dive

  • Holistic overview of past data
  • Specific Goals to help growth
  • Platform-based analysis
  • Month by month Insights

Custom Holistic Brand Strategy

  • Audience insights
  • Competitor insights
  • A value guide
  • Voice and visual guidelines
  • Platform-based strategy recs
  • Customized Social Post Info
  • Repeatable Calendar

Website Audit and Consultation Services

Wild & Pure is a sustainable dry wipes brand that creates a reusable, compostable dry wipe to replace plastic wet wipes.

Rochelle, the founder, reached out in 2020 for help with a total rebrand – from Earthly to Wild & Pure! She wanted to transition to a more femimine voice and 

Medical Couriers is a medical delivery service that started in 1969 as local transportation between hospitals and has blossomed into a nationwide medical courier service.

They are a value-based brand and they are working to keep their digital presence relevant – they like to say they’re focused on bringing new technology to an old industry.

The founder, Issac, reached out in 2021 to bring our expertise in SEO and site updates to the table.

Medical Couriers -Expanded delivery network copy copy

Project Information

The goal of this project is to drive more quality organic traffic to the MCI website.

What seems like a straightforward project was compounded by an out of date website that had a lot of different hands in it. So we started with an audit of how the site worked, what their competitors were ranking for, and how they can improve the quality of their traffic.

We identified several major issues that impact SEO – broken plugins, live pages that weren’t relevant to their service, and pages that had been optimized for information that the page didn’t contain. We also found that they had individual state pages that drove traffic but never converted.

We got to work – removing unnecessary pages and identifying pages that had been optimized for quantity over quality. Then we identified keywords that we could rank better for and keywords they should be using to improve their entity SEO.

We began writing monthly blogs and sharing them on social media, updating the state pages to capitalize on the “medical couriers near me” type searches (which is one of their highest queries), and reworking the optimizations on individual pages to improve search traffic. 

They’re now getting more traffic, along with weekly qualified leads from organic traffic and LinkedIn.

Services Used

Bespoke Ongoing Holistic SEO Package

  • Monthly Blogs geared towards keywords
  • Weekly Social Media Posts
  • Monthly Page Optimization Projects
  • Monthly SEO reporting