What is a Taproot Strategy?

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This article is built so we can share the Taproot Strategy Method with the people that will resonate with how we create organic content strategies for the brands we work with.

It’s not going to rank for SEO (though it does have a meta description), there is no buzzfeed-y title, and it’s not a keyword that you’re going to hear anywhere else.

In other words – this article is only for you, reader.

It’s so that you can learn more about our methods and get a little peek into our brains—this information isn’t new so it isn’t proprietary, but it is our spin on content marketing.

It’s how we make content marketing easy.

What does Taproot Strategy Mean?

Let’s dissect this a bit shall we?

It’s likely if you’re here that you know what a strategy is already, but if you’re not sure, it’s a high level plan geared towards achieving a specific goal. 

That’s the easy one. The word that we always have to define here is Taproot.

Taproot is the word we chose because it fits perfectly with both the strategies we create and our favorite namesake. The dandelion is the quintessential taproot plant (it’s even on the wiki page).

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a taproot is the large central root that grows directly downward from the base of a plant. Rather than having a million fiberous roots, the dandelion has one centralized stabilizing root that smaller roots grow from and that foliage sprouts from on top. This is the energy center of the whole plant system (and your business).

This is the same way we approach a marketing strategy. Your brand values are not separate from your marketing initiatives. In fact, your marketing is always going to be rooted in your values. (See what I did there?).

Your taproot is your business’ values, and your Taproot Strategy is the all marketing you’re doing to share those values with the world.

or like, to #bloomyourbrand

Creating a Taproot Strategy

To create this strategy, our first step is just to have a conversation with you.

One of the most valuable things for us is making sure that the people we work with are coming from a place of passion in their businesses.

Almost everyday I get on the phone with a conflicted business owner. They love their business but they don’t know where to go next, they feel overwhelmed, they’re jumping from thing to thing to try to find a solution for a problem they can’t always define. (If this is you, book a call.) We chat for an average of 45 minutes and they walk away with clarity on what needs to happen next.

How do I do that? I just help them connect with what matters – and then offer easy action items that will reconnect them with what gives them energy—that’s their Taproot, remember?

This is the hardest part of creating a Taproot Strategy because so many business owners are spread so thin that they start to lose their connection to the values and the energy it takes to build the business. Here’s the good news through:

Reconnecting with a business’s taproot makes it downright EASY to build a strategy.


Because taproots are big, fat content machines that make their own damn energy. The more you feed and water them, the more they grow. The more they grow, the more you’ll be able to make.

You don’t have to stray very far from your values to find months worth of main cornerstone content to turn into digestible bites for all of your initiatives—that’s your blog, email, facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, stories – everything.

you’ll have enough for all your blooms!

How do I Build a Taproot Strategy By Myself?

Just by reading this, you already have. But here’s some steps for you anyways:

Step 1 – Connect with your Taproot. The values and goals that give you and your brand energy.

Step 2 – Journal. Write down questions you have about your product and service, that your customers have, the things you care about and the values your brand upholds. Do this every single day for 15 minutes.

Step 3 – Turn these journalings into a content plan. That content plan needs to connect with your values, but it also needs to reach your ideal customer and help you on the path to the goal at your horizon. This piece takes research, learning, focus, time, and attention.

All of this is what needs to happen before you even start creating content that will really keep you on track with your brand – which means it needs to start right now.

We can, of course, make it way easier for you. We can meet you at any step of this process and help you build that content plan. I’m not kidding, Book a Call.

Oh and hey – we know that some of the times you see on the calendar are crazy for you – it’s because we serve people all over the world so just book at a time that works for you.

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Want to hear more about our Taproot Strategy?

Check out our Youtube video here:

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