How Taproot Marketing and a Holistic Strategy Go Hand in Hand

What is Taproot Marketing and why does it work with the Dandelion Branding holistic Strategies? Hint: Brand Values

Since the start of Dandelion, we have used taproot marketing as the foundation for building our holistic strategies. We even named our company after it – Dandelions have deep taproots, are extremely resilient, and show up everywhere you are. 💚 😉

In fact, this is one of the first articles we ever put together for Dandelion! This update (finally) comes after four years in business because we’ve grown as an agency. As we have grown, our relationship with holistic marketing and building strategies from a business’s “taproot” has evolved and deepened.

What is Taproot Marketing?

First a plant fact: a taproot is the large central root that grows directly downward from the base of a plant. Rather than having lots of little fibrous roots, these plants (like the trusty dandelion) have one centralized stabilizing root that foliage sprouts from on top. This is the energy center of the whole plant system.

We think businesses should operate the same way. A company’s power comes from a centralized place. This allows their goals and objectives to stay manageable and make sense long term – even as the brand evolves.

Key Takeaways

What is Taproot Marketing?

Pulling from a company’s core values and goals to create messaging and communications for the whole strategy.

Can Taproot Marketing work with a Holistic approach?

Yes! With this method, a marketer pulls information from the ‘taproot’ – or the values and goals – of a company and turns it into a multi-faceted, retention marketing strategy. Without the taproot in marketing, it is very easy to get off-course or post randomly with a holistic approach.

What is the first step in Taproot Marketing?

Connecting with the core brand values is the best first step in taproot marketing because it creates cohesiveness throughout your communications.

We also believe that a company’s marketing isn’t different from a company’s operations. You have ONE business – talk about it transparently! 

It allows us to take the same “taproot energy center” approach to elevating a business. It pulls from a company’s core brand values and goals to create messaging and communications for the whole marketing strategy.

And every great holistic marketing strategy is rooted in your values. (See what I did there?).

How Taproot Marketing and a Holistic Strategy Work Together

Our idea of building Holistic Marketing Strategies came from our connection with building from a business’s taproot – and from our golden flower namesake.

We typically work with brands who are so dedicated to their values that it can feel repetitive to them. That tells us they have a deep taproot and an unshakable foundation. These are the perfect building blocks for a holistic marketing strategy! That unshakable foundation gives us a clear boundary. 

With a clearly defined boundary comes a clearly defined playing field for the holistic marketing strategy. The playing field offers us the creative freedom to push the envelope and find the right messaging for a brand’s audience while upholding those values.

We get to create content that always leans on one or more foundational brand pillars. And because we always build our strategies with a focus on audience retention and user experience optimization, we get to use the repetitive nature of a brand’s values to their advantage.

I mean, just think about how many flowers and seeds can come from a single dandelion!

Connecting with Brand Values

The hardest part of taproot marketing is getting it started – or growing the root! Taproots are big, fat content machines that make their own damn energy, so once the communications are rolling, the focus shifts to maintenance marketing.

Founders and their teams are often spread too thin to think about marketing at all, let alone spending more time connecting the brand values and communication strategy.

That’s where we come in.

For us, connecting with a business’s taproot makes it easy to build a content marketing strategy.

We don’t have to stray from core values to find years worth of content to turn into the digestible bites that make up a holistic marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in stepping into value-based, taproot marketing please click here schedule a call with a Dandelion Founder!

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