What is a VIP Service Day with Dandelion Branding?

VIP Service Day with Dandelion Branding

This is the story of how we started offering our VIP Service Day.

When we started Dandelion Branding in 2019, we had no idea how to run a business. We had experience growing brands, mostly in ecommerce, and we had been successful in figuring out how to turn content marketing into a data-based growth strategy so we knew what our services were: Marketing Strategy, Website and UX Audit,Website updates, and ongoing content marketing (basically the same thing we offer today).

But we didn’t know what to do when someone approached us with a project that wasn’t specifically within our list. We would spend hours talking about each project, how much it would cost, then we would create a bespoke proposal for each person. Some examples: email marketing projects, fundraisers, and a few launches (this list is actually quite long).

Most of the time they would walk away and we would never hear from them again because we had made their project too complex. 


Then one day, much further into the history of Dandelion than we really care to admit, we just decided to have VIP Service Day.

It wasn’t a big thing. It was just a bit like, “Oh.”

And now we can easily offer our VIP Service for small projects – like a bit of project management here, an extra email automation there, or a sprinkling of user experience updating everywhere!

What is a VIP Service Day?

So we’ve found the “VIP Service Day” to be a bit of a misnomer. 

Originally, we had planned that folks would choose one day and we would work on things together just for that day.

But it didn’t turn out to be that helpful.

So actually, a VIP Service Day with Dandelion is a set of 6 hours of our time that we typically use over two weeks.

In those hours, we can help you with whatever hands-on project you need.

Anything from staff education or consultation or to helping you set up your long term marketing plan or troubleshooting website/platform issues.

The cost is set, which is 6 hours of Dandelion time for €550. For clarity, this is a €50 discount off an ongoing service.

How Does it Work?

First, we schedule a short call to talk about what you’re looking for and what you really need. We want these days to be as effective as possible for you, so we don’t include making the plan for the day in the VIP service itself.

After the call, we follow up via email with the 6 hours laid out in an action plan for you. This will include meeting times, deliverables from our side, and what you are responsible for. This email will also include information about what accesses we will need for the projects we outlined – we recommend giving these accesses before the first call.

Once we settle on the goals and deliverables via email, we get to work. In some cases that means being on several calls together, working in tandem to get the goals done (these are very effective) and other times we spend the allotted time working on the deliverables you want to accomplish. It’s up to you!

What Can We Do Together?

While the steps of our method are very clearly outlined, the things we can accomplish are extremely flexible.

Consultation or Staff Education

This is one the most effective uses of the VIP Service Days – especially working in tandem with a Holistic Marketing Strategy.

If your team is new to sustainable and holistic marketing, and you want some help teaching them or just want to make sure they’re on track, a VIP Service Day is perfect. We’ll come in, teach a bit, and then give your team hands-on training for operating your strategy.

Additionally, if you have specific questions about your holistic marketing system or individual content marketing projects, we’ll be there to answer any questions, consult, or problem solve with you!

Project Management or Operations Set Up

Over the years, we have found that while the holistic marketing system runs very well once it’s in place, it does have a pretty steep operational learning curve.

So a VIP Day is an absolutely perfect way to jump into the operation of your holistic strategy. We’ll set it up for you or audit what you already have so we can ensure your content marketing system runs as smoothly as possible.

Individual Marketing Projects

As much as we love the projects we offer, they’re predominately to help brands step into the basics of sustainable and holistic marketing. The VIP Service Days give us a chance to actually work with you on specific marketing projects.

We can create or consult on things like:

  • Email marketing automations
  • Website user experience
  • Social media marketing
  • Holistic Data analysis
  • Website optimization
  • Lead generation

Interested in a VIP Service Day?

Schedule your first call with a Dandelion Founder to talk about what our project together looks like!

Want to elevate the sustainability efforts of your organization?

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