Two Reasons Why Your Ads Don’t Work

two reasons your ads don't work - computer with facebook ads

We don’t currently offer ads as a service – and we don’t foresee that happening in 2020.

Why? Because running ads are a full time, learning, implementation, logistics and data experience. To run ads properly as a digital agency in today’s internet climate you need a full time expert on staff. We will get there because we have respect for ads and we don’t half-ass what we offer – so watch for that in 2021 as we grow and expand.

The next logical question is: then why would I be talking about why your ads don’t work?

Well, because our expertise is in the creation and implementation of holistic brand marketing strategies and conversion optimization. We know a lot about when businesses are READY to run ads.

In most cases, there are two reasons you’re wasting your time and money on Facebook Ads.

1 – you don’t have any organic authority.

2 – your website doesn’t convert.

Your Ads Don’t Work Because You Don’t Have Organic Authority

This may come as a shock to a lot of people – ads are a way to drive traffic and capture leads. Not a way to make sales.

If you don’t have organic authority, you need to start there before you start pissing away your hard earned cash by putting it towards ads that won’t be successful for your brand.

Ads are everywhere now. They show up dozens of times a day in our newsfeed, and most people actively ignore them in the best of times.

Even if you make a few sales here or there, creating ads only works if you can back it up with real substance.

What is organic authority? How do I build that?

Organic authority is built by being consistent and stable in your content.

This is what you get when it’s clear that you know what you’re talking about – and you share what you know.

As a brand, this means creating regular organic content and sharing it with the audience that you’re building.

You know what that means – post on social media, write about your niche, make a podcast and share it, guest blog, find affiliates to share your content – whatever it takes to build a name for your brand, do it. Because that’s going to give you the backup you need when people start looking for it.

Running ads to your content and/or building your audience utilizing ad spend is a great way to play the long game with your brand. But you definitely should be working on creating a stable base of content before you start putting money towards ads.

Your Ads Don’t Work Because Your Website Doesn’t Convert

Traffic but no sales.
Traffic but no sales.
Traffic but no sales.

This is always the issue – people click on your ads, go to your website, and then they leave.

Too often, this is because your website doesn’t inspire them to move through the journey you want them to take – or you don’t really have a journey set up for them to walk through.

When you’re building an ad, you need to have a funnel strategy in place, and think about the per-person journey for every single click your target audience will take.

For instance, it’s really common that someone will come through an ad to a product and leave the product page to read your “about us” page. If you don’t want that to happen, consider sending them to a landing page that only has the options that you would like them to take.

Or if you do have a landing page and it’s not converting – chances are your audience is confused about what they’re buying because the story isn’t clear, the benefits aren’t laid out, or they don’t have the information they need to take the next step.

Make sure that your website and pages are set up for conversion BEFORE spending any money on it.

What You Should Do to Stop Wasting Money on Ads

Well, if you’re already running ads and they’re not successful, stop them. That’s step one.

Step two is trying to diagnose what you think is going on. Is your site confusing? Is your traffic not finding the substance behind your brand?

Whatever you have going on, you need to figure it out. There is a niche for everything, it is possible to sell what you have. It’s your job as a business owner to figure out how to create the right messaging and branding around your product or service so you can sell it.

Yes, that piece is challenging. No one said entrepreneurship was easy!

If you need help, we’re offering free calls to talk through what you think could be happening!

Jump on the phone with us and let’s chat: click here.

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